Why use Steel Siding, FAQs on Steel Siding

Why use Steel Siding, FAQs on Steel Siding

1. Where is Emco Seamless Steel siding made?
  • Dubuque IA. The company is familiar with our four seasons which gives them firsthand knowledge and experience when developing the best product for our harsh climate.
2. Is Emco Steel Siding an Energy Star rated product?
  • Yes. Their unique ceramic based coatings meet or exceed Energy Star ratings for siding.
3. Is Emco Seamless Steel Siding easy to clean?
  • It is the easiest product on the market to keep clean. A simple cleansing with a garden hose will keep the siding looking brand new for decades. Since the product has no seams; you won’t have to worry about damaging the wall behind the siding while using the hose.
4. How does the product prevent becoming dirty?
  • Emco siding is similar to your non-stick pots and pans that prevent eggs and other sticky items from adhering to your cookware during the heating cycle.
  • An annual wash of the siding without chemicals or scrubbing is sufficient to maintain the cleanliness and beauty of the product.
5. How long is the warranty?
  • You will receive a lifetime limited warranty and a 35 year no fade warranty. This will protect you in the event of a manufacturing defect or fading.
6. Why is having Seamless siding so important?
  • Wind driven rain and moisture intrusion are dangerous to you and your home’s health. An average home has 150+ seams. These can create potentially hazordous silent or unseen problems.
7. Will the Seamless siding make clapping noises like fiber cement?
  • Unlike fiber cement, the Seamless siding is locked into the piece below. This prevents siding from making clapping noises in light winds that is in direct result from the siding not being fastened at the bottom.
8. Will the Seamless steel be damaged in a hail storm?
  • There are a lot of factors in determining how a siding product will handle hail storms. Some of these factors include wind speed and size of hail.
  • Emco Steel Siding has the highest rated impact rating available on the market. Seamless Steel siding has the least amount of insurance claims of any type of siding. This includes fiber cement (re-paint), aluminum (dents like an empty pop can), masonite (re-paint), vinyl (hail holes), and foam backed vinyl (hail holes).
9. What if I have to replace a damaged piece of siding on a wall?
  • It is easy. We can replace one piece up to 280′ in less than an hour. Emco Seamless guarantees no fading; thusly you can add a piece on any wall without being able to tell which one was replaced.
  • Vinyl is also easy to replace, but will leave a zebra effect on the home due to fading of the product. With vinyl, you will be able to see which piece was replaced on your home.
  • Fiber cement will require extra labor and painting of the entire wall to replace one piece. In most cases fiber cement will require the replacement of the entire wall to look “like new”.
  • An important note; most insurance claims do not cover fading, so replacement of a couple of pieces of siding will not trigger a full replacement by the insurance company.
10. Do you need as much caulking as Fiber Cement siding?
  • No, Cement fiber cement siding requires a large amounts of caulking to prevent water intrusion. Seamless Steel’s design and installation best practice(s) does not require caulking to maintain a dry home.
11. Is Seamless Steel Siding Green?
  • It is the “greenest” product on the market.
  • Seamless Steel has a long warranty which insures its durability.
  • Emco Seamless Steel has reflective coatings to reflect away the sun’s radiant heat in order to save energy.
  • Steel is also the most recycled product in history. Emco Seamless steel uses 35% recycled steel.
  • The product is back primed and has a natural air space behind the siding for drying and drainage purposes.
  • The product is made in Dubuque IA, so there is not a large transportation distance.
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