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Protect Your Home All Year Long

From January 1st to the following New Year’s Eve twelve months later, there’s a whole slew of diverse weather that can wreck havoc to your home. With Winter you get snow, sleet, and ice. Spring brings heaps of intense wind mixed with rain, while Summer and early Fall serves up wave upon wave of blistering heat. The only way to shelter your home from these year-round exterior threats is with the finest quality seamless steel siding available.
Minnesota homes need lots of protection from bad weather but fortunately, Minnesota residents also have immediate access to the state’s most experienced seamless steel siding contractors: Quarve.



Seamless Steel Siding - Guaranteed not to rust, blister, flake, chip, or peel, seamless steel siding not only holds up better over time than vinyl or painted products, it’s an equally brilliant way to showcase your home.

Steel Soffit & Fascia System - It’s not quite enough just to protect your home with metal siding. If you care about your home’s value and look, you’ll want to go the extra mile and cover over any existing roof edges and overhangs with Quarve’s steel soffit and fascia products.

Steel Shake Siding - Light weight steel shake siding is the next wave in residential metal siding. Permanent and maintenance-free, metal shake siding will last for years without incurring the typical repair expenditures.

Steel Shingle Siding - Steel shingle siding is the perfect way to remain Earth-conscious without having to sacrifice your love for the look of wood shingling on your home. Besides, the wood will eventually rot, but metal’s here to stay.

Gutters - Water damage to your roof can be expensive, stressful, and time consuming. A good steel gutter system can help drain excess rain water off where it belongs: on the ground.

Steel Roofing - Excellent roofing solutions for not only commercial and industrial buildings but for residential ones as well, steel roofing is vastly superior to any other material on the market today.

Metal Roofing - Not only is a metal roof durable against anything Mother Nature can throw its way, but if properly ventilated, it’ll also save you some much-needed cash on your summer cooling bills.

Hail Storm Damage - We’ve all seen the sort of vicious destruction a hail storm can dish out to cars parked outside. Car damage due to hail is bad enough, but you just can’t afford to put your home at risk like that. Steel will do the trick, keeping your home intact and safe.

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Since 1983, Quarve Contractors have set the industry standard for manufacturing quality metal products for residents and commercial businesses alike in the Mid-western United States. Committed to customer satisfaction at competitive prices, Quarve specializes in seamless steel siding installation guaranteed to safe-guard your home come rain, shine, or any weather in-between. Pick up the phone today and get a metal siding quote now.

Customer Testimonials

Our house looks great and the whole experience was pleasant and hassle-free. We loved the work they did so well that we hired them on another project and recommended them to friends and family. Quarve Contracting is not only a step above the rest in the construction field, they are leaps and bounds above the rest.

Kevin and Julie,
Elk River