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Keep Your Home ‘Fit’ With Steel Siding

Long lasting, economically efficient, and durable beyond compare, seamless steel siding creates a one-of-a-kid seamless seal around your home’s exterior. Its exact fit guarantees some of the best fortification against pests and other types of invasive damage like water, snow, ice, and wind.
Unlike most other siding materials, seamless siding is cut to match the exact length of your house, eliminating any of those unsightly gaps, splices, or overlaps. Fit to your home like a glove, seamless siding comes with the added benefit of improving your energy costs while providing an aesthetically pleasing appearance that’ll be the envy of all your neighbors.



Seamless Steel Siding - Because seamless steel siding is cut to fit your home exactly, there’s no excess material waste. By contrast, petroleum-based vinyl siding is highly damaging to the environment.

Steel Soffit & Fascia System - Water damage to wooden soffit and fascia can cost thousands of dollars in repairs. Steer clear of the issue of rot and regular replacement by using a material that will hold fast in any weather: steel.

Steel Shake Siding - Steel shake siding gives its customers the beauty of traditional cedar shingles with the matchless strength and durability of steel.

Steel Shingle Siding - As a homeowner concerned about your investment, you no longer have to settle for substandard products that could jeopardize your home’s outward appearance or the safety of your family. Steel shingle’s offer the best siding protection hands down.

Gutters - Gutters are designed to drain water in precise ways, through their downspouts, not into the walls of your home or worse, its foundation. Rather, make sure your gutters are made of steel and that they’re seamlessly installed.

Steel Roofing - A steel roof will reflect most of the Sun’s rays back into space, and therefore minimizes any heat build-up in your attic. This helps reduce your energy output by keeping the house cool in the summer.

Metal Roofing - Contrary to what you may have heard, a metal roof is no nosier than any other roofing material, be it asphalt, clay, or wood. Plus, metal’s got the highest non-combustible rating so it won’t burn in case of fire.

Hail Storm Damage - A metal roof is extremely tough, quite resistant against possible hail storm damage. Because of this fact, some insurance companies actually provide reduced rates if you go with a metal roof instead of fiberglass or asphalt.

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Here at Quarve Contracting, our leading commitment is to our customers. Creating and maintaining solid working relationships is born of our on-going philosophy to hold ourselves to the strictest industry standards, produce great products, maintain an ethical mindset, and guarantee quality work at all times. For almost 30 years and counting, the Quarve team has held fast to this unyielding set of beliefs, and we intend to keep it that way. After all, if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it.

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Our house looks great and the whole experience was pleasant and hassle-free. We loved the work they did so well that we hired them on another project and recommended them to friends and family. Quarve Contracting is not only a step above the rest in the construction field, they are leaps and bounds above the rest.

Kevin and Julie,
Elk River