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Go With Steel & Protect Your Home

Many homeowners with wood paneled houses are familiar with all the hassles that come with it. Wood absorbs moisture, producing mold or fungi, which can lead to structural deterioration and possible health hazards to your family. Wood homes also have a tendency to shift slightly over time, creating gaps in the structure that can admit insects and other unwelcome pests. For these reasons, many families across the Mid-west are turning to steel siding as a superior alternative.
Metal’s highly durable, energy efficient, economical, water resistant, won’t shift over time, and doesn’t draw insects like a moth to a flame.



Seamless Steel Siding - Custom fit and color coordinated to match your home’s exterior, seamless steel siding eliminates any unsightly seams or splits that not only look shoddy, but also expose your home’s interior to the elements.

Steel Soffit & Fascia System - As the separating point between the exterior wall of your house and the roofline, soffit and fascia helps fill in those unseemly gaps for a more refined appearance.

Steel Shake Siding - As a fully sustainable, worry-free, and highly effective alternative to wood shingle siding, steel shake siding fits the bill perfectly without the expense or the upkeep.

Steel Shingle Siding - Vastly superior to fiber cement, wood, or vinyl, steel shingle siding offers full-proof protection against Minnesota’s challenging yearlong weather.

Gutters - Steel gutters are the strongest material on the market, less likely to suffer damage from ice, hail, or the weight of a leaning ladder.

Steel Roofing - When you choose a steel roof, you save money while doing your part for the environment. Asphalt leads to billions of pounds of waste per year, whereas a steel roof can be laid atop existing ones, thereby lessening any negative eco-impact.

Metal Roofing - Available now in a vast assortment of colors and designs, metal roofs usually come in traditional seam profile, but can be fashioned to look like shingles, slate, or clay.

Hail Storm Damage - Often hail damage to roofs aren’t noticeable at first, but after a few years, the roof may have deteriorated, no longer providing any protection. Avoid this issue altogether and stick with steel products.

Steel Products Are The Way To Go

High on the durability scale, steel products for your home’s exterior are the strongest siding materials currently on the market. Capable of withstanding extreme temperatures, salt spray off the ocean, fire, water, and wind, metal’s an especially effective barrier against the elements if you live in a state that gets its fair share of snow each winter. This last point should be of specific interest to all Minnesotans but in particular to our friends and loyal customers all across the Twin Cities area.

For an estimate on seamless steel siding services, reach out to Quarve Contracting and let them guide you through the process of shielding your home from harm, and securing your residential investment.

Customer Testimonials

Our house looks great and the whole experience was pleasant and hassle-free. We loved the work they did so well that we hired them on another project and recommended them to friends and family. Quarve Contracting is not only a step above the rest in the construction field, they are leaps and bounds above the rest.

Kevin and Julie,
Elk River