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Looking For An Experienced Seamless Steel Siding Company In Lino Lakes, Minnesota?

The Benefits Of Steel Siding

Shielding your home from the yearly onslaught of unpredictable and often harsh Mid-western weather is a smart, preventative way of avoiding possible disaster later on down the line. Stronger and more long lasting than wood or vinyl, resistant to fire, guaranteed not to chip or peel, highly cost-effective, and an overall aesthetic enhancement to your home, seamless steel siding is the wise road to take.
As a Twin Cities full-service provider of exterior residential improvements for nearly three decades, Quarve Contracting is the superlative option for experienced seamless steel siding installation.



Seamless Steel Siding - Clean, straight horizontal installment without the unattractive overlapping seams gives seamless steel siding the gold medal for being the ultimate in cosmetic simplicity and ultimate protection.

Steel Soffit & Fascia System - Just another way to make your home’s exterior look as good as it possibly can, steel soffit and fascia not only helps cover roof overhangs, it helps control moisture and rotting issues as well.

Steel Shake Siding - Many homeowners like the warm and inviting look of wood siding. Steel shake (also known as Cedar) siding will give you the appearance you want with the added bonus of a metal defense.

Steel Shingle Siding - Combining aluminum, carbon steel, and zinc for an powerful, unequaled barrier against the elements, steel shingles won’t dry out, curl, or split.

Gutters - Without a properly installed gutter system, your precious home becomes an easy target for damaging water leaks. This can lead to severe deterioration which dovetails into an expense you don’t want.

Steel Roofing - Steel roofing’s come a long way since the old days of tin barns. There’s many options for attractive steel roofs that are sturdy, energy conscious, and hassle-free.

Metal Roofing - Help lower your monthly energy bills while simultaneously ensuring that you’ll probably never have to replace your roof again. How you say? Metal roofing’s the answer.

Hail Storm Damage - With the quiet splendor of the Mid-west comes the veiled threat of erratic weather. As your first line of defense against snow, rain and hail, consider steel products the intelligent way to go.

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As a ‘hands-on’ company with a long record of loyal and satisfied customers across the state, Quarve Contracting puts the needs of your family at the top of their list. Specializing in steel siding, roofing installation/repair, window fitting, and gutters for the Minneapolis and St. Paul area for 28 years, Quarve’s here to help you look after one of life’s biggest investments: your home. Give your home the care it deserves and call now for an estimate.

Customer Testimonials

Our house looks great and the whole experience was pleasant and hassle-free. We loved the work they did so well that we hired them on another project and recommended them to friends and family. Quarve Contracting is not only a step above the rest in the construction field, they are leaps and bounds above the rest.

Kevin and Julie,
Elk River