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Thursday 18 May 2017

The Benefits of Therma Tru Entry Doors

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There are few areas of your home that are more important than your front entrance. The front entrance creates an initial impression for all your visitors, and it controls what they will think about the rest of your home as well. That’s why it’s so important to choose a quality entrance door, like one of the products from the Therma Tru line. These top-quality doors offer several benefits without much of a downfall at all. Highly Durable Therma Tru Entry doors are designed to last and to hold up against the elements over time. They’re made from rugged fiberglass and won’t suffer from corrosion or weathering like some software more susceptible materials might. Energy Efficient While the doors are durable and stand up to hard use over time, they are also highly insulated. When you use the door at the front or back or your home, you’ll notice that warm and cool air doesn’t seep in as often anymore. That’s because the doors are created with a polyurethane foam core that’s five times more effective when used for insulation than wood is. That means the door is much more energy efficient than a standard solid wood door. Beautiful There are few door types that can rival the look of natural wood, which is why these Therma Tru entry doors are designed to look just like an elegant natural-grained wood product. They are designed carefully to look convincingly like hardwood, but they won’t rot or suffer from the maintenance needs that actual wood does. That means you’ll get more performance out of the door with all the aesthetic benefits. Diverse It’s important to have full control over the way that your home looks, especially at the entrance where everyone is going to be entering and leaving. That’s why it makes sense to work with us at Quarve to select a Therma Tru entry door, because they come in a wide range of styles and colors to suit your needs. You can choose from the Craft American collection for a craftsman look, go for the Fiber classic collection for an oak or mahogany appearance,  select the Smooth Star collection for a crisp modern looking door with a paintable surface, or take a look at the classic Craft Rustic collection for a more Southwestern or Tuscan type of door. Find out how you should go about choosing your entry door here. Our Therma Tru doors are durable, energy efficient and can help you get just the right look to your entrance that you want to achieve. Contact us here at Quarve, a replacement door company in Minnesota to find out how we can help.