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Thursday 4 February 2021

For the Best in Protection Against Minnesota Hail Storms, Choose Our Seamless Steel Siding from Klauer

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We recently addressed a common question potential siding customers ask, and that's how long they can expect steel siding to last Now, here at Quarve we offer several different steel siding products (two seamless and one standard cut length).  Each manufacturer has its own projected life and warranty details, but for the very best in protection we recommend the material we use from Klauer to custom extrude siding lengths to create seamless protection for a home.

Is Your Siding Warrantied Against Hail Damage?

One thing to keep in mind is that the projected lifespan of a siding material is the manufacturer's expectation.  Your siding may last longer (or less) depending on a variety of factors.  One thing that has a substantial impact on siding wear here in the Minneapolis area is hail.  We get frequent hail storms with small pebble-size hail but the occasional large golf-ball size happens, too.  So before you choose a siding material, it's a good idea to investigate how the warranty handles hail.  Of course, it would probably be covered as storm damage by your homeowner's insurance, but it's nice to know whether or not you will need a siding replacement in case of a bad storm. Hail protection is one of the reasons Klauer steel siding is first on our list when people ask.  This incredibly durable siding material carries a hail protection warranty of 50 years!  And what's more, it also carries a warranty against fading or chalking of 35 years.  Its ceramic finish has been engineered to resist UV rays that would fade another siding product in a very short time.

How Will Your Siding Hold Up to High Winds?

Another thing to keep in mind when evaluating your siding is that hail storms are usually accompanied by strong winds, so you should check to see what the wind rating is of a product you're considering.  Klauer manufactures their steel siding out of heavy gauge steel, and the interlocking system prevents wind lift and resists damage from even high winds.  That same system - as well as our seamless application process - eliminates points of entry for water as well. For the very best in storm protection for your home, ask us about Klauer seamless steel siding.  Homeowners all across the greater Minneapolis St. Paul metro area have trusted us to help them protect their homes with this excellent siding material.  For a free quote, call or text us today at 763.785.1472.