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Wednesday 19 March 2014

Invest Your Tax Refund in Your MN Home With Home Improvements This Spring

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03mar14a1a14Have you filed your tax return yet?  Yes? Well, if you're sitting there waiting for your tax refund to show up – stop waiting and start thinking about the many things you can do inside your home once it arrives. It makes sense to invest some of your money into your home – it is the biggest investment that you have already made.  When your refund check arrives, consider putting at least a portion of it into your home to make it more enjoyable, financially sound or lengthen its lifespan.

Inexpensive Improvements for Your MN Home

The amount you invest doesn't have to be a small fortune - you're able to make many different changes that can make a big difference – most for under $3,000!
  • Change your front door. This is the first impression you give your guests and it can make a big difference on the way that it looks. It can improve your security and curb appeal, as well as lower your utility costs.
  • Replace your garage doors. This can change the appearance of your home, improve your curb appearance and so on.
  • If you're not ready for replacement windows, at least weatherize the existing windows in your home. This can save you money in your energy bills and make the home more comfortable for those that live inside.
  • Add a fresh coat of interior paint. This is a very affordable project that can make a room look entirely different. It can make the room feel different as well.
  • Change out some of the lighting throughout the home. This can save you money in your energy bills, change the overall atmosphere of the rooms in the home and increase your safety by placing some new lighting on the outside of your home. Try dimmer switches in each room that allows you to control how much or little light is in the room.
  • Replace your old siding with new siding. Putting in low- or no-maintenance siding can be a good thing and provide your home with a whole new look as well as increase its value.  Talk to a Minneapolis and St. Paul area siding contractor like Quarve to find out what your options are.
Quarve is a full service exterior home improvement contractor serving the greater Minneapolis and St. Paul area, including the communities of Bloomington 55435, Plymouth 55446, Shoreview and North Oaks 55126.  If you're not sure which exterior home improvement is the most needful for your home, give us a call - we do free in-home estimates and consultations, and we can help you determine which is the wisest investment you can make with your tax refund this year.  Contact us at 763.785.1472763.785.1472.