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Friday 12 February 2021

Making Metal Roofs Even Better with Cold Deck Installation

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Metal roofs are one of the most energy-efficient roofing options, but there is an installation process that we use that can make that roof even better.  And that is what's called a cold deck.

What Is a Cold Deck for a Roof?

Basically, a cold deck creates a small space between the roof and the underlying structure.  The gap is usually less than 2".  It's a common process we use when we install a new metal roof.  One of the benefits is that it keeps the roof cool - a necessary element to prevent ice dam formation. Often when we install a metal roof over an existing asphalt roof, we can leave the old roof in place.  It's a good option when the asphalt roof isn't damaged.  But at times the best solution for a particular home is to tear off the old roof and increase the energy efficiency and insulating properties.  In this case a cold deck is our best option, and it's a very popular one for Minnesota homes.

How Is a Cold Roof Deck Created?

We start with pulling off the existing roof and getting down to the deck itself.  (The roof deck is a plywood or other wood layer over the framing; technically this is what creates the roof itself.)  How well your roof will perform depends a great deal on the condition of the deck.  And keeping the deck cold will extend the life of your roof as well reducing the likelihood of ice dams developing.  A cold deck is also integral to energy efficiency. In order to keep that deck cool, we install furring strips with insulating foam panels between them.  This combination produces even more insulation, preventing the heat from the rooms beneath from migrating into the roof. Preventing ice dams begins with increasing ventilation in the attic space to keep it cool, but we run into difficulties with some older homes where the structure of the home makes adding ventilation difficult.  Or perhaps there is no attic space to work with.  In cases like these, a cold roof deck is the answer. Should your metal roof be installed with a cold deck?  That will depend on a number of factors.  We take a look at an existing roof to evaluate its condition. And we inspect attic space or other areas underneath the roof for ventilation.  And then we can make a recommendation as to what we believe is the best method for your home.  But we can tell you that the cold roof deck is becoming very popular with Minnesota homeowners who want the very best in energy efficiency and ice dam prevention. If you'd like a free no-obligation evaluation of your existing roof as well as a quote for a new roof, please contact us, either by phone or our online contact form.  We'd be happy to talk with you more about the benefits of the cold deck process.