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Tuesday 2 February 2021

How Is Metal Roofing Installed?

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If you're looking into having steel or other metal roofing installed on your home, one thing you should know is that the installation process is different than for other roofing like asphalt shingles.  Specialized tools and equipment are required, and while much of the same techniques roofers are trained in are used, there are some distinct differences.   That's one reason many Minneapolis area roofing contractors don't offer metal roofing. For example, asphalt shingles are installed with nails; metal roofing requires special fasteners, and those vary with the manufacturer.   The fasteners one company uses may not work on another company's metal roofing.  So again, that's where being experienced and familiar with the particular roofing is extremely important. At Quarve Metal Roofing & Siding of Minnesota, metal roofing is our specialty.  We've got the tools, the equipment, and decades of experience installing what we believe is the very best roofing option for Minnesota homes. But more than that, we work closely with the metal roofing manufacturers to make sure our installation crews follow their specifications for a proper install.  We're so committed to doing it properly that we even had a mock roof setup constructed in our shop so our employees could get manufacturer-provided training right here.

What Are the Steps in Metal Roof Installation?

Our first step is to evaluate the insulation and ventilation conditions in the space underneath the roof.  A metal roof - just like any other - involves a number of components, and they all need to work together for the roof to perform as it should.  If insulation and ventilation aren't adequate, our first step is to address that. The next step is a tear-off of the old roof, if necessary.  Sometimes it can be avoided, but that depends on local building codes as well as the layers of already existing.  We also take into account the condition of your current roof.  If there is any damage such as buckling or warped sections, we likely will recommend the old roof be removed, because new metal roof won't lay flat. What comes after depends on if there are problem areas underneath your roof, such as undetected or unrepaired leaks.  We may need to do some repairs first. We may also need to install new underlayment and/or vapor barrier. And then comes the final step: putting the interlocking metal roofing sections in place using the manufacturer-approved fasteners. We use equipment to make the process as streamlined and as neat as possible.  Our Equipter roofing buggy allows us to transport materials and crew to and from the rooftop.  We love this roofing trailer, and our customers do, too - it keeps the mess out of your yard! In fact, the system is called 'New Roof, No Mess.'

How Long Will It Take to Install My Metal Roof?

Be prepared for your roof install to take several days, depending on how much of the foregoing steps have to be covered.  You may have heard that an asphalt roof can be installed in one day, but with metal roofing it will take a bit longer.  How long? That depends on a variety of things, particularly the size and shape of your roof.  A moderately-sized home can be roofed in about four or five days; a large home or complicated roof shape could take a week or longer.  We'd be happy to give you an idea of how long your roof will take when we meet with you to give you a quote. To find out more about having a metal roof installed on your home, please contact us.  We serve the greater Minneapolis St. Paul metro area as well as surrounding communities, including some areas of western Wisconsin.