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Friday 21 March 2014

Plan On Doing Roofing Fixes This Spring Once MN Winter Moves Over

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03mar14cea14It probably is no surprise that Minneapolis and St. Paul homes have suffered substantially from this past harsh winter.  What with the frigid temps and heavy snow loads, MN roofs were stressed, some beyond their capacity.  Now that the snow is melting, do you know what shape yours is in? Smart homeowners in the Twin Cities are on top of things and will make the call early to have any and all issues addressed BEFORE major problems develop.  When it comes to roof issues, we've found that a lot of homeowners will say they will wait until fall. This is what shouldn't be done.  Roofing repair or replacement is something that should be done when the weather is nice. You should plan it and make the arrangements, and then when the weather is ideal it can be done so that nothing is left to question. If you've got a substantial snow load that built up over the winter, you may need to get it off before work can be done.  There are professional ice and snow removal companies, but make sure that if  you have someone go up there to remove the snow and ice that they do not do so with tools that can harm the roof material underneath. If you think you are having roofing problems, it is always a good idea to go through and look around the roof and gutters. Look for sagging gutters, spots inside on your ceiling and outside around the roof.  Look for leaks and other areas of concern. These areas have to be taken care of before they turn into even worse problems.  A roof leak is never a minor issue; left unrepaired it can lead to major structural damage. Look for any areas of the roof where it looks like the roofing material is coming up. This could be a simple repair, or it may signal an underlying problem.  Either way, loose roofing needs to be fixed to prevent rain getting in underneath. How old is your roof?  Always keep the date of the installation of your roof in mind when evaluating whether these areas should be fixed or a new roof should just be put on the home. Now that the snow is melting here in the Minneapolis and St Paul MN area, it is the right time to speak with roofing professionals like the ones that you can find here at Quarve Contracting. We are able to provide many services, including ice dam removal and roof repair. This winter was a rough one; make sure to assess the roof damage that you may have suffered before the heavy spring rains start.  For a roof inspection, call us today at 763.785.1472763.785.1472.