Why use Metal Roofs, FAQs on Metal Roofs

Why use Metal Roofs, FAQs on Metal Roofs

1. Are metal roofs noisy?
  • Most people think about the tin barn they have been in when visiting a farm. Your home has sheetrock, insulation, and plywood which aid in eliminating the sound transfer. There has been extensive research and sound tests about this, but they have not found a difference between asphalt and metal roofs.
2. Is it more expensive to heat and cool a home or building with a metal roof?
  • A metal roof actually achieves higher energy efficiency than most traditional roofing products due to the cool pigment technology incorporated into metal’s premium Kynar500 finish. In addition to beauty, a remarkable feature of the cool pigments is their ability to reflect heat. The technology behind the cool pigment system was first developed by the U.S. Military for use in camouflage in various Stealth programs.
  • By reducing the absorption of heat into the home through your roof, the metal roof also helps protect the environment and your wallet by reducing energy consumption. These roofs meet federal Energy Star guidelines and Green Build Council Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design “LEED” guidelines.
3. Will my new metal roof be more likely to be struck by lightning?
  • There is no scientific evidence of steel roofs attracting lightning or have a higher likelihood of being struck by lightning.
4. Are the metal roofs you install more likely to leak?
  • Significant research went into the patented interlocking design of our metal roof systems. This superior design redirects wind-driven rain and prevents moisture from reaching the underside of a metal roof. In addition, metal roofs have achieved the highest classifications in scientific tests for hail impact, wind uplift, and wind-driven rain resistance making it a leader in the industry for severe weather locations.
5. Are metal roofs more expensive than asphalt?
  • The initial investment is slightly higher than asphalt, but when you compare the total cost of your roof over the course of your home’s lifespan, you’ll spend less on a metal roof than on most traditional roofing materials because traditional roofs have to be repaired or replaced more often.
6. Do all metal roofs look like vertical runways because that will not fit into my neighborhood or style of our home?
  • While true of many metal roofing products, this is not the case with some of our products that we install. After years of development, testing and refinement, the Kassel & Irons team has created a revolutionary product that is truly beautiful and durable. Kasselwood and Kasselshake have the strength of steel, but look like wood shake. Visit www.kasselandirons.com. Kassel Irons uses a patented design and technology that enables them to replicate the varied pattern, grain and colors of real wood shake shingles. Its custom designed trim also ensures that the roof has a very similar finished look as a shake roof.
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