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Minneapolis-St. Paul Home Insulation Company

As a roofing company serving the Minneapolis-St. Paul region, we have seen first-hand how important the correct amount of insulation is for comfort in the home. The Upper Midwest is a land of extremes. Summer brings hot, humid days, while winter pulls the heat straight from your bones. No matter the time of year, home insulation is vital.

A surprising number of homes lack the insulation needed to keep those inside comfortable and the utility bills affordable. Quarve Contracting can help you determine what amount of insulation is present in your home, and make recommendations for improving your energy efficiency with additional insulation.

Professional Roof and House Insulation Inspections

Getting a home efficiency assessment is the first step towards improving insulation. We'll send a professional, licensed and trained expert out to inspect your property. During this visit, our contractor may also check out the roof, attic, and exterior of the building. Our contractors have specialized training and tools to help determine whether your home is adequately insulated and ventilated.

If you don't have enough house insulation, we can refer you to a home insulator. If you need attic ventilation, we can install it for you. Quarve can also recommend you for a home energy audit to get a more thorough assessment of where heat loss is happening in the property.

The Importance of Attic Insulation in Minneapolis-St. Paul

One of the areas where insulation is most lacking is usually the attic. Homes may have some insulation, but often it's not nearly enough to keep the house comfortable. Or, they might not have any insulation at all. Insulation can settle in older homes, too. If your insulation is old or compressed, it won't provide enough protection against heat transfer through the roof.

The ENERGY STAR® Program states that most homes need between 10 to 14 inches of attic insulation. Our roofing contractors can check the amount of insulation in the attic during a roof inspection. We'll let you know what we find and how to fix any issues.

Get Energy Efficient Features Added to Your Home

Updating your Minneapolis-St. Paul home insulation and insulating the attic and roof will ensure that your property is energy efficient. For help getting started, turn to Quarve Contracting about our energy efficiency services. We'll set up a free, no-obligation roof and attic inspection right away.

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