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Minneapolis-St. Paul Wood Composite Siding Company

A wood-sided home boasts lots of warmth and charm, but it needs a lot of maintenance too. Between moisture damage, decay, and keeping pests at bay, wood siding just isn't worth it for many property owners.

So how can you enjoy the look and warmth of wood without the high maintenance?

Consider installing a composite siding product made with wood and other ingredients. At Quarve Contracting, we are a local Minneapolis-St. Paul siding company with a selection of composite siding options, like wood composite boards. These engineered wood siding products were developed to provide lasting resilience against insects and water damage.

Why Install Wood Composite Siding in Minneapolis-St. Paul?

If you are still unsure about composite siding installation, let's go over some of the benefits of this innovative material. Our siding installers can more fully explain the features of our preferred brand, LP SmartSide, during a no-obligation consultation.

Benefits of installing LP SmartSide engineered wood siding:

  • Stylish Siding Options: LP SmartSide offers a wide range of siding styles from lap board to rustic shakes and shingles.
  • Fewer Seams: The strength and man-made construction of composite wood means you can order lap boards up to 16 feet long, so there are fewer seams to mar the beauty of your home exterior.
  • More Affordable: Composite wood siding is much less costly compared to wood siding, which saves you a bundle on initial installation costs.
  • Resists Cracking: Engineered wood doesn't expand or contract with temperature changes the way some materials do. This reduces the risks of moisture penetration and cracking, too.
  • Pest Resistant: Since composite wood is made from a mix of wood fibers and polymers, it is much less appealing as a food source for pests.

If you are keen to try another composite product, ask Quarve about fiber cement siding installation. This durable siding is pest-, moisture-, and heat-resistant.

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For siding that doesn't require a lot of maintenance but retains the same warmth and look of wood siding, turn to LP SmartSide. Quarve Contracting can provide siding replacement for you. Simply request a no-obligation consultation with one of our BBB accredited and A+ rated siding contractors to get started.

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