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McElroy Metals

Having served as Minneapolis-St. Paul roofing contractors since 1983, Quarve Contracting understands the need for professionally selected and installed products. We take great pride in bringing homeowners quality products that provide decades of lasting durability and resilience to the elements.

It's why we work with leading brands like McElroy Metal, on every home. Our team is committed to bringing you products that not only look amazing on your roof, but that also withstand the harshest winter winds and summer storms. The next time you get roof replacement, we'll be happy to go over the benefits of a McElroy Metal standing seam roof.

Metal Roofing Contractors Installing Quality McElroy Products

A nationwide roofing company that you may not have heard about before, McElroy Metal has 14 manufacturing facilities across the country. They have been crafting high-performance metal roofing since 1963. Their standing seam roofs are designed with both quality and beauty in mind. In fact, McElroy Metal offers innovative curved standing seam metal roofing that is used on commercial roofing and some larger residential projects.

What is a standing seam metal roof?

One of the biggest issues with metal roofing is the risk of corrosion developing around the fasteners, which compromises the strength of your roof. Water can also seep in between overlapping panels, allowing some moisture damage to develop underneath. A standing seam metal roof virtually eliminates this concern. 

Standing seam roof panels have upright lips or seams on either side that hook over one another. This design also features a 'concealed fastener,' which is usually underneath the overlapping lip of the metal panels. These vertical connections keep rain from sneaking in between the panels or moisture from condensing around the fasteners between them. 

There are many other benefits of choosing a McElroy Metal roof for your Minneapolis-St. Paul roof replacement, such as:

  • Tons of straight and curve standing seam metal roofing options.
  • A potential metal roofing life expectancy of up to 60 years.
  • Kynar paint finishes that provide strong, weather-resistant beauty.
  • Metal roofing options, such as Galvalume steel panels.
  • Multiple manufacturer's warranty options, including a 25-year warranty on Galvalume sheets.

Learn More About Our Metal Roofing Services in Minneapolis-St. Paul

When you are ready to update your metal roof with McElroy Metal products, reach out to Quarve Contracting. Our BBB A+ rated roofing contractors in the Midwest provide prompt, high-quality roof replacement services.

We'll be happy to set up a free roofing consultation with complimentary cost estimate. Our remodelers can also help you with:โ€‹

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