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Minneapolis-St. Paul Fiber Cement Siding Company

Are you searching for a type of home siding that will protect against the elements and withstand extreme temperatures, all while making your home look amazing? There's a solution for you at Quarve Contracting.

Our siding company can install durable fiber cement siding on your Minneapolis-St. Paul home capable of providing this high level of protection. You'll enjoy improved energy efficiency and a big boost in curb appeal too.

Benefits of Choosing Fiber Cement Siding

As mentioned before, there are many reasons Minneapolis-St. Paul residents opt for fiber cement siding installation. These products are some of the most durable siding materials you can find in the industry. Fiber cement siding boards are made from a mixture of sand, wood cellulose, and cement. Depending on the fiber cement siding options you choose, there may be additional additives in boards to alter their characteristics, like increasing strength or resistance to moisture penetration. However, these are the basic ingredients. They are all that's needed to create a resilient home exterior.

Other benefits of using fiber cement siding include:

  • Endurance: Your fiber cement siding installation won't fail when the temperature swings wildly from hot to cold and back again.
  • Wind-Resistance: These heavier siding boards won't pull away from your home exterior in high winds.
  • Impact-Resistance: Its strong cement and sand construction mean that fiber cement resists dents from minor impacts without a problem.
  • Insect-Resistance: Worried about pests burrowing into your home siding? Fiber cement isn't appealing to wood-eating insects, like termites.
  • Heat-Resistance: Another unique feature of fiber cement siding is its natural resistance to heat and fire damage. Your home is very safe against fire jumping from a nearby wildfire or neighboring home gone ablaze.

Find Out More About Our Siding Services

Siding replacement is a big project. It affects the way your home looks and how well it stands up to the elements for the future. Make sure you pick the right product, whether that's fiber cement or even steel siding installation. Quarve Contracting offers a large selection of siding styles for Minneapolis-St. Paul. Just set up a free, no-obligation consultation with a siding installer to learn more.

Our BBB accredited, A+ rated remodeling company can also serve you as a:

  • Roofing Company
  • Window Company
  • Door Installer
  • Gutter Company
  • Energy Efficiency Consultant

To learn more about our siding services, call us today. For more information about our other home exterior services, fill out our online form now.