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ProVia Energy-Efficient Windows

If you have already committed to window replacement in Minneapolis-St. Paul, then the next step is deciding on the window brand for your home. You might want to consider ProVia windows, which are known for their efficiency and fully customizable window options. ProVia is one of America's top window manufacturing companies. In business since 1977, they offer reliable products in both traditional and modern window styles.

Energy Efficient Materials for ProVia Windows

ProVia windows combine the best of both affordability and efficiency for homeowners. They offer several window lines that are primarily constructed in vinyl. Some of their windows are available with wood interiors for a warmer, more natural feeling. Thankfully, both materials are great thermal insulators, capable of blocking heat energy to keep homes cozy.

Many of ProVia's replacement windows are also ENERGY STAR rated products, meaning they help homeowners keep their utility bills lower over the long term. 

Vinyl window frames also boast other features and benefits:

  • Since vinyl doesn't need repainting or staining, it is a low-maintenance product.
  • Vinyl is also uninviting for pests, like insects.
  • Vinyl windows won't break down in humidity or develop water damage when flooded.
  • SunShield vinyl is a unique ProVia product specially formulated to resist harsh weather and UV rays.

Their Stylish Window Options

As of 2023, ProVia has four window brands available for installation. These brands are designed to meet different purposes including durability, efficiency, and affordability. Minneapolis-St. Paul homeowners may want to check each of ProVia's window brands out before choosing one for their window installation:

  • Aeris Windows: ProVia's high-end window line featuring vinyl exterior and a wood-clad interior frame. 
  • Aspect Windows: A mid-range window installation option that features all vinyl construction for durability and energy efficiency.
  • Ecolite Windows: Those on a budget will love these energy efficient yet cost-effective all-white window frames.
  • Endure Windows: The window line with the most style, type, and color options, Endure also offers excellent energy efficiency for homeowners who want to keep it cozy. Endure also offers wood interior cladding.

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