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MN Roofing Blog

MN Roofing Blog

Choosing Metal Slate or Metal Shake Roofs for Twin Cities Homes

One of the many advantages of metal roofing that Twin Cities homeowners love is that ...

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Ice and Snow: How Does Minnesota Winter Weather Affect Seamless Steel Siding?

We recently ran a series of posts on our blog about choosing siding materials.  (If ...

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Why Steel Split Shake Roofing Is Superior to Wood for Minneapolis Homes

Here in the  Midwest many homeowners like the rustic, north woods look.  And for homes, ...

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Why Twin Cities Homeowners Choose Metal Roofing: The Top 5 Answers

Remember the old commercial tag line, "Inquiring minds want to know?"  Well, if you are ...

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Our Minnesota Metal Roofing Installation Process Means the Mess Stays Out of Your Yard

Perhaps you're in need of having your roof replaced, but you're dreading the mess that ...

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Twin Cities Homeowners Should Consider These Two Factors Before Deciding on a Siding Material

How much time and money are you willing to spend on regular maintenance? We realize ...

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