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Minneapolis-St. Paul Soffits & Fascia Company

The soffits and fascia are an important part of your home exterior—just as important as the gutter system or the roofing. They keep your home safe against the elements without compromising on the need for ventilation within the attic.

When this part of your roof overhang is looking a little worn down and damaged, turn to Quarve Contracting. We have been the company to call for soffit and fascia repairs in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area since 1983. Our team will help you with soffits and fascia installation, or with making the needed repairs if the damage isn't too bad.

What Do Soffits and Fascia Do?

Despite their essential purpose, the soffits and fascia are often overlooked by homeowners. These roof components may only receive a modest amount of attention during a roof replacement, but they deserve the same level of care as the rest of your property.

Soffits are the thin layer of material used to finish the underside of your roof overhang. They are necessary for keeping animals and debris from getting into the walls and attic of your home. Most soffits are made from PVC or metal panels with hundreds of small perforations in them to allow for airflow into and out of the attic.

Fascia boards provide protection for the side of the roof overhang. These long, thin boards are usually made of wood, PVC, fiber cement, and metal. Your gutter system may also rest against the fascia boards.

Why is Quarve the Minneapolis-St. Paul Company to Replace Your Soffits and Fascia Boards?

Homeowners living in Minneapolis-St. Paul choose Quarve to work on their properties because we are a BBB accredited, A+ rated roofing company with an impressive reputation. We are full-service contractors who can do more than a patch job. Our team can provide in-depth roof replacement services and major exterior repairs.

We provide several benefits and amenities to our upper Midwest customers as part of every project. These include:

  • Cutting-Edge Products and Services
  • Free, No-Obligation Quotes
  • Insurance Claims Assistance
  • Storm Damage Restoration
  • Same-as-Cash Financing Plans
  • Manufacturers' and Workmanship Warranties

For More About Our Siding Services

Turn to Quarve Contracting for a free estimate on soffit and fascia replacement in Minneapolis-St. Paul. Our siding installers can assess the condition of your existing roof overhang and make recommendations for new soffits and fascia.

If you are in need of any other services, feel free to give us a call. Our team can help you with:

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