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Reasons to Select Quarve Contracting For Your Home Improvement Project

1. Your Call is Always Answered by a Live Person.

At Quarve Contracting, we don’t use an impersonal phone system to answer our calls. We feel you deserve a real, live human voice to understand your needs and route you to the correct person.

2. Our Project Managers are “Hands-On”

At Quarve Contracting., our Project Managers don’t sit in an office and coordinate projects that they have never seen. Our Project Managers are involved in your job every step of the way—so they understand all of the subtleties and details of your project.

3. We Maintain a Regular Place of Business

This may sound silly, but you would be surprised how many contractors do not have a permanent place of business. But then again, Quarve Contracting is unlike other contractors. We are financially secure. We have been in business since 1983, and will continue to be around to service all of your home improvement needs.

4. All of Our Employees are Background-Checked

At Quarve Contracting, we would not send a worker to your home that we would not have in our own home. Your security is our primary concern—so we conduct thorough background checks on each and every Quarve Contracting employee.

5. Our Employees are Well-Trained

It really doesn’t matter how good the products being installed onto your home are, if the people installing them don’t know what they are doing. This is why we never skimp on training our employees in everything from proper ventilation and water management to the proper manufacturer’s specifications for each and every one of the products we sell and install.

6. Your Calls are Returned Within 24 Hours

At Quarve Contracting, we understand that your time is valuable—so we pledge to never waste it by delaying in responding to your questions.

7. We Update Our Customers Every 2 Weeks

We all know someone who has been going through a home improvement project—and when we ask them how it is going, the response is, “I’m not sure; I never hear from my contractor.” You’ll never have to make that excuse with Quarve Contracting. We promise to keep you in the loop and updated at least every two weeks until your entire project is completed.

8. Our Employees are Happy Employees

An employee’s performance is directly influenced by their job satisfaction. It is a simple fact of doing business. So, to ensure that our employees do the best possible job on your next home improvement project, we make sure that our employees are properly taken care of at work. It is just that simple.

9. Quarve Contracting is a “Green” Company

No, that doesn’t mean we are a new company—remember, we’ve been around since 1983. It means that at Quarve Contracting, we care about the environment. We use only durable and energy-saving products on your home to minimize our impact on the environment and make sure that we leave it as clean as it was when we found it.

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