Windows and Patio Doors

Windows and Patio Doors

Stunning windows you can be proud of!

We get it. You have made a big investment in your home and protecting that investment requires the help of an experienced certified home exterior contractor.

Since 1983, your neighbors and friends have trusted us with their home exterior needs.

As a busy Homeowner, we have you covered across a spectrum of window and door solutions including full-frame and pocket replacement from Pella Windows and a broad range of door manufacturers. We are a Pella Certified Contractor, installing the highest quality products to manufacturer specifications that are strong, durable, long-lasting and beautiful!

With our quality workmanship and manufacturer’s warranties you get the peace of mind knowing your home is protected and beautiful for years to come.

Ply Gem Windows – we love them so much we installed them in our own home!


photo credit – Ply Gem Windows

In addition to replacement windows from Andersen, for over 30 years we’ve been proud to offer Ply Gem vinyl windows to our customers in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area.  Ply Gem offers a wide range of energy-efficient options in both glass and frame, plus 11 different colors!  If a quality window at a great price is what you’re looking for, then we suggest taking a look at Ply Gem.

These beautiful and durable windows will eliminate most of your window maintenance chores, plus their tilt-in sashes make cleaning them a breeze – no more ladders, just wash both the interior and exterior from inside the comfort of your home!  Ply Gem offers stylish windows at a value that will please your taste and your wallet!

Enhance the look and comfort of your home with windows from Andersen, located in Bayport Minnesota!

Gorgeous windows – built beautifully. Improve your home while preserving its charm, thanks to an all wood interiors and a classic style that offers the look and feel of fine furniture. We offer an extensive line of replacement windows by Andersen designed for just about any home.  Andersen is the only window, door and skylight manufacturer with products that are Green Seal Certified. To earn this certification, Andersen had to demonstrate that their products have met energy efficiency requirements and are manufactured and packaged in a consistent, environmentally responsible manner.

photo credit – Andersen Windows

What to Expect from New Windows

  • Reduce your heating and cooling cost up to 30% or higher
  • Eliminate 99.9% of uvltraviolet (UV) ray damage
  • A more comfortable, quieter home
  • Allow you to save time and money on maintenance
  • Improved homeowner safety
  • Increased light and view
  • Improved security with better locking systems
  • Enhance the beauty of your home
  • Increase the resale value of your home up to 114%

The bottom line…a professionally installed window from Ply Gem or Andersen & Grandview 5000 Windows will pay for itself many times over by reducing energy costs, increasing resale value of your home, and by making your home more comfortable and beautiful. Replacement windows are only as good as the company that stands behind them! Quarve Contracting, Inc. has the expertise you need to install your new windows properly and exactly according to our manufacturer’s specifications. You should expect no less! If your windows are old and showing signs of deterioration, how can you not consider replacement windows from Quarve Contracting, Inc.? Visit our Pinterest Andersen and Ply Gem boards to see just some of the beautiful windows we can install in your home.

Types of Windows from Andersen


Bay and Bow Windows

Bay and Bow Windows Big, beautiful windows add new dimensions to any room. And, our bays and bows are built to stop energy loss while letting in your outdoor view. Bays and bows are available in double-hung or casement styles. A bay window is comprised of three or more windows, typically featuring a large center unit and two flanking units at 35° or 45° angles to the wall.

A bow window features four or more window units in a radial or bow formation. This white bay window features Georgian Colonial grids in the center sash. Multi-point locking hardware is featured on bay and bow casement windows.

Double–Hung Windows

Double-Hung Windows The design of our premium double-hung windows makes them the first choice of many home-owners. Built with durability and energy efficiency, they’re the last word in window engineering. These structurally mulled double-hung windows feature natural oak wood grain and Georgian Colonial grids.


Casement, Awning and French Casement Windows

Casement, Awning, and French Casement Windows Our casement, awning, and French casement windows provide contemporary styling and state-of-the-art performance features. Structurally mulled casement and awning windows, complete with fixed sidelights featuring Regal Colonial glass, allow endless design possibilities.



Sliding Windows

Sliding Windows Two-or-three section sliding windows are easy to operate and easy-to-clean. What a beautiful way to live!

This end-vent sliding window with half-round transom features Colonial cherry wood grain and Regal Colonial glass.


Garden WindowsGarden Windows Your kitchen can bloom year ’round with beautiful flowers or lush plants. Our garden windows add sunlight and warmth. Available in either Traditional or Architectural “bent glass” styles. This white traditional garden window features a tempered glass shelf and Corian seat.


What is Argon Gas?

Argon is a colorless, odorless, non-flammable, non-reactive, inert gas. Argon gas fills are used to reduce heat loss in sealed units by slowing down convection inside the air space. Argon gas is extremely cost-efficient, and works well with Low-E coated glazing.

As air itself is a good insulator, filling the gap between the glass panes with a low-conductivity gas such as argon improves window performance by reducing conductive and convective heat transfers. This phenomenon results from the fact that the density of the gas is greater than the density of the air. Argon is the most commonly used fill gas, due to its excellent thermal performance and cost-efficiency in comparison to other gas fills.

Grades of Glass

Knowing your window options is the first important step, when shopping windows. The next step is contemplating the variety of glass choices available to you. Consider your energy efficiency goals. Once you have a clear idea of your goals, take a moment to review the different grades of glass. Our next section will take you through an overview of the four basic types.

Clear Glass

The most popular choice among homeowners. However, you may find that you enjoy the unique style and flair of windows, which feature newer techniques in cutting, glazing and custom fitting. These techniques provide you with the option of customizing your window’s appearance, and a few enhancements, such as glazing, can actually work to control condensation and heat loss.

Heat-Absorbing Glass

Features special tints, which help to absorb up to 45% of solar energy and reduce heat gain. It is important to note; however, that a percentage of absorbed heat will still pass through via re-radiation or simple conduction.

Low-Emissivity Glass (Low-E)

(Low-E) has a surface coating that helps to reduce any heat transfer coming back through your window. Surprisingly, this unique coating reflects 40% to 70% of transmitted heat. Most people are happy to learn that this type of glass, while very efficient, does not hinder the normal amount of light that passes through the glass and into your home.

Reflective Glass is popular among homeowners, who wish to control their solar heat gain in the summer. Reflective glass helps them accomplish their goals because it is coated with a film that is reflective, thus its name. This grade of glass also helps to reduce the passage of light, as well as solar transmittance.





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