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Wednesday 10 May 2017

Tips for Choosing Your James Hardie Fiberglass Siding Color - Part 2

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You’ve already learned that James Hardie siding provides strong, durable colors to go with. Now, if you’re wondering what tips can help you make the decision on which to go with, here they are. Create a Harmonic Balance on Your Home Using the color wheel is a great tool for choosing the best color for your home. Divided into 12 sections, the wheel was created to provide harmonic color combinations. Use the wheel to create a balanced color selection. You can pick a color for the siding and a complimenting one for the trim around the siding. Analogous colors are the most common colors to go with. These are colors right next to one another on the wheel. They vary just slightly. They provide a serene look on the home. Complimentary colors are also ideal to go with and are across from one another on the wheel. This provides a more bold look to the home. Decide Whether You Want Cool or Warm Colors Warm and cool are the two tones that the colors are separated by on the wheel. You can narrow down the right colors when you choose one or the other to go with. They each have associated feelings with them, allowing you to know which is which when you look at them. Reds, yellows, oranges are the warms. They have an alert feeling to them and make a bolder statement when used on the siding of a home. Blues, greens, purples are all in the cool section. They have a peaceful feeling to them. Neutral colors are also available for those that can’t decide between warms and cools. Neutral colors tend to be the most common colors used on homes which are taupe, off white, brown, gray and white. Eliminate Colors You Hate You might have a hard time choosing the colors you want for your home, but it shouldn’t be hard to eliminate the ones you don’t love. If you eliminate the ones you hate, you will have less choices to go with when it comes to choosing one for your home. Make a list of the options that you have left. Consider looking at your options side by side to figure out which ones are the best to go with. When you’re ready to install the James Hardie siding on your home, you have to speak with a professional regarding installation. Here at Quarve, you can speak with us to have James Hardie siding installed on your home to get the best look.