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Forest Lake, MN Roofing, Siding, and Gutter Company

If you’re interested in true curbside appeal, then it pays to have the best seamless steel siding installed on your home. Not only does metal siding look great while offering lots of protection against severe weather, it also provides a much lower maintenance option when compared to other materials like brick, wood, and stucco. I mean, who needs the hassle of paint that chips and wood that rots?

Quarve Contracting offers plenty of home exterior alternatives in Forest Lake that don’t involve scraping or re-painting, their foremost recommendation being seamless steel siding. With options galore, you won’t need to look anywhere else but here for your metal siding needs.

Hail Storm Damage in Forest Lake

There’s more to bad weather than just rain, wind, and snow: there’s hail. As proud Midwesterners, we all need to make certain that our homes are fully protected from this kind of dangerous aerial bombardment. A storm damage company that can help? Quarve of course.

Metal Roofing

More durable and valued higher than traditional asphalt products, metal roofing doesn’t curl, warp, deform or crack. What more could you possibly ask for in a roof but strength and endurance.

Steel Roofing

It’s no mistake that steel is one of the preferred materials used by contractors all over the world, especially when it comes to roofing. Not only does steel lock out the harshest weather conditions, but it lasts for years.


When a heavy rain hits your Forest Lake neighborhood, gutters quickly become the unsung heroes of the day. Quarve’s got a full collection of gutters to choose from that’ll match any residential scheme out there.

Steel Shingle Siding

Perhaps you’d prefer a realistic wood grain appearance instead? In addition to its unique appearance, Quarve recommends shingle siding if low cost and simple maintenance help sweeten the deal.

Steel Shake Siding

For affordable and easy-to-maintain metal siding, steel shake siding may the way to go. Less expensive than fiber cement and wood, steel siding’s deep texture is perfect for accent applications.

Steel Soffit & Fascia System

No home with new siding can be called ‘finished’ without soffit and fascia. Covering all existing overhangs and roof edges, these are the concluding decorative touches that create a subtle, lasting finish to your home.

Seamless Steel Siding

Clean, straight horizontal installment without the unattractive overlapping seams gives seamless steel siding the gold medal for being the ultimate in cosmetic simplicity and ultimate protection.

Quarve Contracting Is Ready For Your Forest Lake Exterior Remodel

There’s a lot to mull over and consider when it comes to protecting your home so it lasts for generations to come. Don’t worry, no one expects you to have all the answers either. That’s why we’re here. Rest assured, Quarve’s got all the answers to your seamless steel siding questions... not to mention the experience, company history, community commitment, and quality products. Our 40 year reputation speaks volumes about our continued dedication to giving Minnesota residents our very best. If you live in Forest Lake, call now to set up a consultation.