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Minneapolis Siding Company

Siding serves a variety of purposes in a home. First off, its large surface area is responsible for the overall exterior appearance of your residence. With a beautiful siding installation, your home pops from the road. In addition, siding serves a functional purpose in that it keeps your framing protected and covered. Without it, you'd just have exposed insulation and framework.

Keeping up on your siding maintenance is a necessary part of homeownership. If your siding looks a little rough, you may want to consider a new installation. Quarve Contracting is the local siding company in Minneapolis, and since 1983 we've been crafting some of the highest-quality installations around. We're BBB accredited and A+ rated, and proud to be a member of numerous remodeling associations. We offer:

All the Styles from Minneapolis's Favorite Home Siding Company

At Quarve, we know that every home's style is personal. We prioritize having a large selection of siding styles so that your house never looks like your neighbors'. No matter what design element you're after, we're sure to have a product that matches your tastes. Our siding comes from reliable companies like LP SmartSide, EDCO, and Klauer—all of which come with impressive product warranties.

The styles you can choose from include:

  • Vinyl Siding: The most standard option, vinyl is affordable, easy to maintain, and comes in a vast assortment of color options.
  • Steel Siding: Prized for its exceptional durability, steel siding will last for decades on your home.
  • Wood Composite Siding: This siding material provides the look and feel of wooden shake siding, but without the significant upkeep that the authentic version demands! 
  • Fiber Cement: One of the most premium selections and the best of both worlds, fiber cement is highly durable and easy to customize. 

Finishing Touches with Soffits and Fascia

No siding job is complete without these two additions. Soffits and fascia add a stylistic touch to your home, hiding away the unsightly end pieces of the roof rafters. They also protect your home from pests and water intrusion, so be sure to have these features attended to at the same time as your siding. Our siding installers are well-versed in all installation types and will leave you with a beautiful end product.

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Don't skimp out on the siding for your home! If you value the function and appearance of your residence, you need a Minneapolis siding installation today. Choose from our four siding options, and be sure to consider soffits and fascia as well. We're also a roofing company, so contact our team to schedule a free consultation for the services you need.