Hail in the Minneapolis Metro is nothing new but how quickly Minnesotans take care of it has. It used to be that a hail storm blew through, and people checked to see if there was any damage at the street level, and just took care of that. However, insurance companies today understand that most hail damage occurs to the roof, and this is really where to place their attention. Years ago, people would discover a water leak in the first floor sometime during the spring rain, only to discover it actually started from a leak in the roof, caused by hail. It took years to relate the two as cause and effect.

Hail on the roof is like someone running around up there with cleats on, trying to punch holes in everything it can. While most new roofing materials can handle hail fairly well, older homes, and homes with loose flashing can easily become damaged or compromised, allowing water to come into the living area.

Even a little water will collect and soak into the insulation and woodwork, remaining silent until the warm weather arrives again, and then it cook up a nice little village of mold and mildew, and then the real fun begins.

Mold and mildew require major remodeling, so insurance companies are all too happy to address hail damage as soon as it happens, in order to avoid paying for a complete remodel 3 or 4 months later.

If you are not sure about how this last storm affected your roof, give us a call at Quarve Contracting for a free roof repair estimate. We understand how the whole house is built, so while we are repairing your home after storm damage, we will be able to take the entire structure into consideration. Out motto is; Fix one problem; solve 2 others. 763-785-1472