TPO roofing material is probably one of the most common types of commercial roofing material available these days. It is easy to install, affordable, and has a very good track record. It can be fully adhered, mechanically fastened, or ballasted in its application, and even carry with it some “green” roofing properties.

It can be applied by anyone, even unskilled labor; although we don’t recommend that. If not installed correctly, TPO can bring nothing but headaches for years, or if done properly, can be an easy, low maintenance roof that will protect your building and everything in it for decades.

TPO or Thermoplastic Polyolefin single-ply roofing is a type of material that can be fully adhered, mechanically fastened, or ballasted. Fully adhered TPO roofing describes a system that places 1 layer of insulation that is ‘fully adhered’ to the roof with bolts, or rivets, then covered with your TPO roofing material. The TPO sheets and seams are “fully adhered” with a special adhesive; seams are taped closed; and the roof is ready to do its job.

Mechanically fastened TPO roofing is the same as “fully adhered” TPO roofing, but instead of simply taping the seams together for the final product, they are fastened together “mechanically”, with insulation plates and fasteners to the roof decking. This provides an added protection in all types of weather.

Ballasted TPO roofing is also similar to fully adhered, but the final stage includes laying down a payer of river rock over the entire surface to help keep everything in place, and provide a rock solid layer against the elements.

TPO systems are available in white, black, or grey colors to make them more “green” in their thermo conductive qualities. Darker colors attract heat in colder climates, while lighter colors reflect it in the hotter ones, either way TPO roofing a very efficient and socially responsible roofing system no matter where you live.

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