Today's environmentally-conscious home owners have a wide variety of green building materials available, and as a St. Paul/Minneapolis area siding contractor, Quarve Contracting specializes in both green siding as well as green construction practices.  As home owners ourselves, we're concerned about preserving the natural beauty of this area of Minnesota as well as reducing our environmental impact.  But we're also concerned about satisfying the needs of our customers.  That's what has made us one of the Twin Cities area's leading home improvement contractors for over 27 years.

That's why we recommend and install steel siding from United States Seamless.  Not only is it durable and beautiful, but it can save you time (it's low maintenance) and reduce your heating and cooling costs.  No unsightly seams contribute to its appearance, but the lack of seams means better insulation.  Other siding products can come loose, warp, or twist from a variety of reasons, leaving gaps for air and moisture infiltration, as well as a entry point for insects and rodents.  Seamless steel siding eliminates those problem areas.  And since it's a low maintenance product, you'll be saving time as well.  It's special baked-on finish will retain its just-installed look for years to come, with only a periodic hose-down needed.

You'll be happy to know that no synthetic materials are involved in the production of this siding product.  And any excess remaining from the installation is recyclable, which is good news for landfills.  Plus, it's manufactured right here in the Upper Midwest, meaning less fuel consumption for transportation.  Add to that it's durability and expected exceptional long life (meaning less frequent siding replacement), and you've got a great green solution for protecting and preserving your home.  And in the process you can increase its value as well as its beauty.

If your home's siding is looking a little worn, and you're looking for a green solution, contact Quarve Contracting today.  We'll be happy to give you a free estimate and show you just how going green with United States Seamless steel siding can be.