If you've got the right exterior building products, your fall exterior home maintenance to-do list could have just one item on it:  Hose Down House.  That's right, the only tool you might need this fall is a garden hose.  No ladders, no paint scrapers or paint brushes, nothing but a little water and a  hose.  Quarve Contracting, the Minneapolis/St. Paul area's leading roofing company, knows you value your free time, and they've got lots of great suggestions for you if you're seeking to give your home a facelift, replace deteriorated windows or an old leaky roof, and increase your home's value.  And most of those options are low- or no-maintenance, and because they are energy-efficient, they can also save you money on your winter heating bills. 

If you're used to putting up heat tape or cables to avoid ice dams, or you keep roof rakes in the garage in case of heavy snow falls, you can get rid of them if you install steel roofing from a company like Kassel & Irons.  There are beautiful profiles available, such as those that replicate the charm of cedar shakes.  The baked-on finish won't chip or fade, and your roof will look as gorgeous for years as it does when it is first installed.  And nothing holds up to heavy Minnesota snow falls like steel.  Roof leaks and ice dams can be a thing of the past.  And what's more, due to its incredible durability and long life expectancy, it's probably the last roof you'll ever need.

No more replacing failed caulk or re-staining or painting when you choose installation of permanently-finished low-maintenance seamless steel siding from United States Seamless, or climate-specific HardieZone® prefinished fiber cement siding from the James Hardie Company.  An annual wash-down with a garden hose and your home's exterior will look beautifully new again.

Choose from a wide variety of low- or no-maintenance replacement windows and you can get rid of your storm windows and your step ladder.  Double- and triple-glazing options mean you'll be comfortable year-round without needing storm windows.  Many windows come with tilt-in frames so you can wash the exterior of the window from inside the comfort of your house.  And permanently-finished frames mean no more peeling or blistering paint to be redone.  Since these windows are designed to fit snugly within their openings and are resistant to shrinking and warping, you won't be recaulking to prevent icy drafts.

If you've got better things to do with your weekend than take care of your home's exterior, contact Quarve Contracting today.  We'll be happy to show you how you can save both time and money when you improve your home's look and value with low-maintenance solutions.