In these tight economic times, everyone looks at the  bottom line.  Price is a huge factor when choosing between several options.  But with home improvement projects, it's particularly important to factor in a lot more than price.  As a roofing and exterior home improvement company serving the Roseville and greater Twin Cities area for over 27 years, Quarve Contracting has developed a reputation for quality.  We know that you get what you pay for, and that it is especially true in the construction industry.  Granted, you don't want to overpay, but here are some other factors to consider:
  • Is your contractor licensed?  General contractors in Minnesota are required to be licensed by the State of Minnesota.  Their advertising and printed materials should carry the license number, and licenses are required to be displayed at the place of business.  A contractor's license assures you that the contractor insured and up to date on continuing education requirements.  Licenses can be verified with the MN Department of Labor and Industry.
  • Is your contractor fully insured (that means workers' compensation as well as general liability).  If not, damage to your property or employee injury on your premises could cost you.  Ask for proof of insurance - a reputable contractor is used to providing this information as a regular business practice.
  • Will the contractor give you a list of references?  Beware of companies who won't.  Good contractors are proud of the work they do, and if they have satisifed customers, those customers are usually more than willing to talk about their experience.  You can also check sites like Angie's List and the  Better Business Bureau for information about a company you're considering.
  • Is your estimate in writing?  Are the terms clearly set forth?  Beware of vague provisions.  Make sure your contractor has specified exactly the materials and services they will be providing.  Don't accept verbal estimates other than for general comparisons.
  • Is the contractor a member of any industry or trade associations?  Are they certified or recommended by the manufacturers they work with?
  • It's always good to get more than one quote so you can compare.  And don't just look at the bottom line; check what's included in the price.
At Quarve Contracting, nothing is more important to us than satisfied customers.   And many of them have been very happy to provide us with testimonials.  Check our website - you'll find links to some testimonials as well as a listing of the many industry and manufacturer affiliations we have.  We're fully licensed and insured, and we're happy to give estimates and consultations that are always free.  In Roseville, give us a call at (763) 785-1472.