Vinyl siding is an economical choice, and it's very popular, and with good reason.  Quality vinyl siding is not the flimsy plastic strips which many homes got finished with in the 70's.  Today's vinyl siding products have a wide range of profiles, some doing a great job of replicating genuine wood, without all the maintenance and drawbacks.

Vinyl siding first hit the market in the '50s, as a more attractive alternative to aluminum siding.  While there are homeowners who prefer the natural look of real wood, many people today - especially those who are approaching retirement and would like to do more with their free time and financial resources than exterior maintenance chores - prefer the durable yet low-maintenance benefits vinyl siding provides.

For a good basic understanding of the benefits of vinyl siding, This Old House has an informative overview of vinyl siding, including the benefits as well as the importance of a good installation job.  And while this won't settle the ongoing debate between vinyl and wood fans, it is noteworthy that approximately a third of American homeowners choose vinyl for their homes.

Quarve Contracting installs a number of quality siding products, including vinyl Quest by Mastic and Royal Woodland 16 siding, which is also available in a board and batten version in addition to the traditional lap siding.  We also offer fiber cement siding from The James Hardie Company as well as steel siding from U.S. Seamless.