Selected KasselWood colors Selected KasselWood colors - Photo courtesy of Kassel & Irons

We could tell you all we wanted about how attractive metal residential roofing is, but nothing can compare with actually seeing what it looks like on a real home, not just a sample for a display or a picture in a catalog.  That's why we've created a map for you of some of our metal roofing installations.   Check out our map and you'll get a list of projects to visit.  From Wyoming to Prior Lake, you'll see lots of blue pinpoints - there's sure to be at least one close to your home.  Each point on the map will give you the address as well as the product installed.

As you scroll down the list, you'll see a variety of product lines, profiles, and colors.  Since no one product is right for every home, we offer a number of quality metal roofing products.   These roofing products are a durable, eco-friendly alternative to real wood shakes, asphalt shingles, tiles, or slate.

If you've already got a preference for a particular design or color, find a home on our map which has that type of roof installed.   Or note several  homes to look at a variety of choices.  Then pick a nice day for a drive and go take a look for yourself.

There's a reason we recommend steel roofing, both as a green roofing option as well as a durable protection.  We simply believe that nothing stands up to Minnesota weather like metal roofing.  And as you'll see for yourself, that protection is beautiful as well.

roofmap0520Don't take our word for it - see for yourself.  You could just imagine what it might look like from a catalog or internet picture, but you'll get a more accurate idea from seeing the real thing as installed.  We've got some pictures here from one style offered by Kassel & Irons  to give you a general idea, but nothing can replace seeing the actual product yourself. You'll notice as you go down the list that we offer metal roofs from companies such as:
  • Kassel & Irons (KasselWood and KasselShake)
  • Edco (ArrowLine and Generations)
  • Tamko (MetalWorks slate, tile, and shake profiles)
  • Metro Roof  (shake, roman tile, and shingle stone-coated steel)
After your drive, if you think that metal roofing might be a good idea for your home, please give us a call for a free consultation.