If you've never noticed a leak in your roof or spotted any other damage, then you might be wondering when it is time to get a new one.  This is something that a lot of people wonder. There are actually a lot of different things to look for when it comes to replacing your roof.

Signs of  Needed Roof Replacement

Are any shingles on the roof  missing or damaged?   This this leaves a spot open for water to get in and cause damage and rot. The weakened shingles are more able to be ripped off the roof with a gust of wind, leaving the underlying structure exposed as well.

Hav you noticed flashing that is gone or rusted?  Flashing is the metal part that protects the opening of vents, chimneys, pipes, and skylights. If this is missing, the area can leak and become rotted in time.

If you're not able to see the top of the roof easily or get up there, you can still check for signs and problems. The gutters and downspouts around the roof can tell you a lot about the top of it.  A missing section of gutter might indicate a decaying spot that will need attention.  Checking the ceiling inside your home  for discoloration spots or peeling wallpaper is also important. These could be signs that there is water leaking somewhere, even if you do not see it leaking inside the home itself.

A roof inspection may reveal that repairs are extensive, and that a replacement is in order.  While this can be a big expense, keep in mind that your roof is your home's first line of defense against the environment.    There are many options when it comes to roof replacement.  Talk to an experienced professional roofer to find out what roofing materials would be best for your home and your budget.

The Contractor

Always make sure that the contractor that you hire has the right permits, experience, and insurance before you sign a contract to replace the roof on your home. With this in mind, you will know that it is being taken care of by a professional. You should ask to see proof of all of this to make sure you're dealing with a reputable company.  Ask for lien releases as well as warranty documentatoin before making final payment.

If you have more questions about replacing your roof, talk to us - we've been taking care of Twin Cities roofs for three decades.  Call us  today for more information.