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Yes, winters in Minneapolis can be fierce and hard on people as well as houses.  When the winter comes each year, ice, snow, wind and so much more can do a lot to the exterior of your home, which leaves you with a lot of different unexpected repairs. In order to avoid damage to the roof on your home during the winter, you should find out more information on some of the more common problems that can be found and take action when it comes to these costly and time consuming repairs that need to be done.

Roof Leaking at Drain or Flashing There are several locations that commonly have leaks.
  • Sloped roofs often have post-storm leaks, usually at all flashing areas. Aluminum is usually installed at this spot to protect the edges and corners. Any high winds or built-up snow can loosen the flashing causing, it to not be able to do its job. This lets the moisture in.
  • Flat roofs can have leaks at drain locations if the drains are not properly cared for.  They can become clogged and drain very slowly. Avoid these blockages by doing routine clean-outs.
Water Damage to the Roof Structure

When it comes to having heavy sno fall and build-ups of ice, it can cause inefficient heating inside.  This can cause damage to the roof. Having an attic ventilation system can prevent damage from happening on the roof when the snow becomes heavy. This will circulate air and reduce the condensation that is found in the attic, which prevents the snow and ice from staying on the roof for too long.

Ice Damming

Snow and ice can accumulate on the roof and gutters, and this means any water melting is not able to drain properly.  Ice dams at the roof edge result.  The additional melting water then pools behind the ice dam and can seep underneath the flashing and into the roof.   Soffit and fascia as well as gutter damage an also result.  All this leads to major damage done on the roof of your home. Removing snow and ice dams from your roof is the best solution to this problem. However, it should be done by a professional to ensure that no one is hurt and that it is done correctly to optimize the results and ensure that your roof is safe and sound this winter season.

If you've got snow build-up from our heavy December snowfall,  call us about Minneapolis ice dam removal on your home through a MN roof repair contractor. You should be able to get everything that you could possibly get when it comes to working with someone that knows what they are doing. Give Quarve a call to find out what we can do for you.  As a Minneapolis area roof repair company for over 30 years, we've had plenty of experience helping Minnesota homeowners deal with the unexpected.