The windows in your home are one of the most attractive features and part of what makes your house a home. They serve the purpose of being a way to look out, make the home look beautiful, protect your family from insects and blowing debris in the area. They can also add ventilation, lighting and beautiful views outside of the home. However, headaches can be a problem for some homeowners if your windows don't fit well, have deteriorated, or aren't energy-efficient.

Are Your Windows Upping the Cooling Bill?
07jul28b2a14For cooling homes in the summer here in the Twin Cities, air conditioners seems to be the most common, followed by evaporative coolers and ceiling fans. However, when your windows are old and are letting the hot air in and cool air out, then the temperature inside your home does not stay a comfortable range. By placing new, tightly-sealed windows throughout your home, you're able to keep your cool air inside the home and actually save some of your money that you're now wasting on additional cooling costs.

But just putting in new windows isn't the complete answer, because windows aren't equal when it comes to energy savings.  Make sure to spend your money in the right place when it comes to putting new windows in your home. And if your aim is going green, you can opt to spend a bit more money on eco-friendly window options that will be more environmentally responsible compared to older windows.

Your Windows Could Be Leaking
Unlike a water leak, an air leak is not easy to detect.  If you suspect you're losing cool or hot air throughout your home, your windows could be the problem.  Most frequently it's because the seal around the glass has failed. The window frame itself may be old and is letting air out around it.  When you're letting air escape from your windows, it's like you've got them wide open - you're paying to heat or cool the outside and your system runs more than it should. So save a bit more money in your energy bill when you switch to more energy-efficient windows.
The Benefits of Energy-Efficient Windows
When you choose EnergyStar certified windows, you're able to lower the energy that you use in your home by up to 15% (or more, depending on additional options you may choose). This allows you to put some extra cash in your pocket and not out the windows. Windows that provide these benefits are not hard to find, especially if you work with a home improvement contractor like Quarve that specializes in green remodeling.  How do you know if a window you're considering is energy-efficient?  Look for the ones clearly labeled with the EnergyStar logo. These windows are coated with low-e coatings that block the rays from entering the home and heating it up, and they may have energy-saving features as well, such as gas filling, triple-pane glass, and more.

Low-E coatings on windows can reduce the fading that happens inside the home on the carpet and furniture by blocking the sun 's UV rays that cause fading.  A window with low-E glass can block up to 99.5% of UV radiation. These windows also reduce the outside noise you get inside your home as well as cutting the amount of CO2 emissions are transmitted and keeping your home at a comfortable temperature all year round.

Choose to install new energy efficient windows this summer and start saving cooling costs, and look forward to saving money this winter, too - these same windows will help you cut your heating bill as well. Here at Quarve, we are able to install energy-efficient windows from Ply Gem and Andersen to make your home more comfortable. Check out our Pinterest boards to see some of the beautiful window ideas from Andersen that we have to offer.  We've also got a Pinterest board showing just a few of the windows available from Ply Gem.  Then give us a call for a free consultation - 763.785.1472.