Weather forecast for the Minneapolis area shows - surprise, surprise - rain turning to snow tomorrow. 

There is hardly a week that goes by here in the Midwest, which someone, somewhere does not report on the belief that El Niño  is anticipated to bring a wet winter.  The last report that we heard anticipates an 80% chance that we would have a particularly wet winter.  Now, if these predictions are correct, that means Minnesota roofing contractors are going to be busy, so that's good news for us.  But what about homeowners?

One thing that has already happened is a huge spike in the demand for re-roofing bids, especially for metal roofs.    Some roofing contractors tell us they're booked solid into December.

While the normal season for roofing contractors to be busy is in the fall, it is highly unusual to hear that the production schedule for Minnesota roofing contractors is really full so early in the season.  All of these unusual happenings are pretty predictable if you are one of the many people who have been paying attention.

Keeping all this in mind, the main reason we decided to write this blog was that many roofing contractors are talking about upping their prices due to the demand.  The word on the street is that local roofing  companies that are readily obtainable are somewhat unprofessional as well as being of questionable experience, while most of the roofing companies that have a really good reputation are extremely busy.

First off, that's not how we operate.   Our pricing is competitive and fair, not predatory. 

But with all of this in mind, what we really wanted to state is that if you are a Minneaoplis area homeowner who has been putting off getting a new roof for the past few years due to the fact that winters have been on the mild side, this may in fact be a really good time to re-examine that roof and move forward with the plans to get a new one. It is true that the good roofing companies are busy and the cost may be higher.  Demand for roofing has put put pressure on companies that manufacture roofing materials as well.  But think about the price that doing nothing will cost, as predictions are for a very snowy winter.  So pay a little bit more now and replace your old roof with a new permanent metal roof, or pay a lot later if your roof collapses or becomes leaky with the weight of the snow.

If you are taking into consideration the replacement of your roof this fall, check into metal roofing and see why it just may be a smart option for you.  Quarve is able to provide this for you, and so much more. Speak with us today to find out how fast a metal roof can be added to your home.