So you've decided to replace your existing wood shake or asphalt shingle roof with metal roofing.  We say, Congratulations!  You've chosen one of the best roofing materials for delivering top quality, long-lasting protection for your home here in Minnesota.  Now the next step is selecting style and color.

One of the most important parts of choosing metal roofing for your home is deciding on the color. This process takes time, and it’s important to consider which color is going to benefit you the most overall. With virtually an unlimited number of color options to choose from, it’s important to choose carefully so that you really love the option that you end up with. After all, that new metal roof likely has a longer life span than you do, so you'll be looking at that color indefinitely.

Considerations for Choosing Metal Roofing Color

Of course, your particular color preferences do enter into the color selection process, but personal taste shouldn't be your number one factor. Match Your Home Carefully

When choosing a color of roofing to have put on top of your house it’s important to coordinate it with your home itself. You don’t want to go with roofing that doesn’t go well with your current siding or trim accents. Instead, you want to pick an option that accents your siding and other major features nicely. This will help bring your house together, without creating too much of a matching effect overall. And if you're toying with the idea of changing the color of your home's exterior at some point, it's a good idea to select a roof color that will go well with siding colors you are considering.

Blend in or Stand Out in Your Neighborhood

Take a look at the other houses around yours. Is there a predominant color theme?  Are most of the roofs black or gray or brown?  Then decide whether you'd like your home to have a distinctive look or if you'd prefer to fit in among the others. You might enjoy being able to direct visitors to your home by telling them yours is the only house on the block with a red roof, but then again, standing out with something vivid might not be what you're aiming for.

Nature is a Factor In addition to the homes around you, take a look at your natural surroundings. That includes your landscaping.  For the house shown at right, the homeowners wanted a roof color that would not only go well with the neutral tones of their home's exterior but also with the trees around it.  The home is on a riverside wooded lot, and a blue roof would definitely have looked out of place. Consider Using Stock Colors When Possible

There is an almost unlimited number of colors to choose from for roofing today, and it can be a lot of fun to go with a cool custom shade that you don’t see on any other houses in your area. While it’s fun to create a 'wow' factor with your metal roofing, it’s also a bit more expensive as well. That’s why many people opt for stock roofing colors rather than going for a custom option. These finishes are more affordable by far, making it easy for you to outfit your home with attractive roofing without making as significant of an investment.


Light Colors are Best in Warm Climates and Full Sun Areas

It’s important to think about the color of your roofing and how it will effective the energy efficiency of your home. If you live in a hot southern climate or your lot gets full sun all day because you have no shade trees, you may want to invest in a white or light colored roof. That’s because it’s more effective at reflecting heat away from your home and will help you stay cool throughout the warm months of the year. You could lower your heating bill just by choosing the right color roofing to have installed on your home.

Now, if you're reading this article but you still haven't decided to make the switch to metal, compare metal roofing to asphalt shingle roofing here, to find out which might be better suited for your home.

Take these factors into consideration when choosing your metal roofing color and you’ll enjoy the look and feel of your home more because of it. Speak with us here at Quarve, a licensed Minnesota metal roofing contractor for Minneapolis and St. Paul to find out how we can come out and provide that new metal roof you have your eye on, in any color of your choice.