Our Minnesota home improvement contracting company specializes in metal roofing and siding, so it probably wouldn't surprise you that when customers ask us for a recommendation for roofing or siding material, that's our first choice.  But we would like to recommend an even better one:  metal roofing AND siding.

We have done a number of projects for homeowners around the Twin Cities where we have installed both materials. And it just makes sense, because it provides a durable, maintenance-free, energy-efficient envelope that shields and protects the house from Minnesota's harsh weather conditions.

Why Should You Have Both Metal Roofing and Metal Siding Installed?

Generally, when faced with both roof and siding needs, a homeowner will replace the roof first. Why?  Because you might be able to put up with sad-looking or even compromised siding for awhile, but a roof replacement usually can't wait very long.  The roof is your first line of defense, and if it needs replacement, most times it can't be put off. But there are a number of reasons why you should have us install our seamless steel siding at the same time we replace your roof with one of our excellent metal roofing options.  Why?

It's Cost Effective. Home remodeling projects that involve a similar part of the house are usually less expensive when done at the same time rather than separately. We're on site anyway, we can pull one permit that will cover both, and we'll only need to arrange for a disposal container once instead of twice.  And our prep crew can be working on both the roofing and siding preparation at the same time, so you might save some on the labor costs as well. It's More Convenient. We do our best to avoid disrupting your day-to-day activities, but because both roofing and siding are somewhat extensive projects, we will be in your yard working. Our equipment and crews will be moving around your home, and it's possible we might be blocking one of your entry doors while we work.  Having both our roofing and siding crews there at the same time will minimize the inconvenience. And you'll be dealing with one contractor, not two.  Also, you should be able to combine the financing for both projects in one loan. So that's less loan origination fees and less paperwork to fill out. Metal Roofing and Siding Both Have Extended Expected Life.  Both roof and siding replacement are major expenses, so it makes financial and practical sense to choose a product that will last as long as possible. Our seamless steel siding and our steel roofing products have a similar expected life - 50 years or more. This means that you'll probably not have to replace one before the other. Metal Roofing and Siding Provide Excellent Protection for a Minnesota Home. Metal roofing and seamless steel siding are among the top materials for protecting a home from our harsh weather elements - hail, high winds, temperature extremes, heavy rains and snows, and more.  It just makes sense to have the two major protective elements on the outside of your home be of the same type of durable material.

We can give you even more reasons, but hopefully these will get you thinking.  There are other issues such as how much discount you might get on your homeowner's insurance since metal is noncombustible, which cuts your risk of fire from outside sources down to minimal. Insurance companies love that, and you will, too.

If you'd like to find out more about our high-quality seamless steel siding and metal roofing that homeowners around the Minneapolis and St. Paul metro area are falling in love with, please give us a call today for a free in-home consultation.  Quarve Contracting, Inc./Metal Roofing & Siding of Minnesota is a licensed Minnesota home improvement contractor.