We're so excited to have the college contingent of our seasonal exterior remodeling crew back to help us on jobs here in the Twin Cities area!

3 young men beside construction truck Mikey Quarve, Elliot Lyden, Chris McLean - our summer college crew!

These three are all decked out in their Quarve gear, ready to get out on the job in the great weather we're having.  And we sure are happy to have them around again. Even though they're only around for the season, they definitely are part of the Quarve family and our business.  Mikey, our son, grew up with these two, and they've been around since they were small.

We like to think our son Mikey started in our business many years ago. He has been giving me a heart attack daily since he could walk. He could be up moving around on a roof with his dad at the age of 6 with no fear.  (Even though roofing is our main occupation, and watching guys up on a roof is a regular occurrence, I had to get used to seeing my grade school aged son up there!) Michael attends Northland University in Ashland Wisconsin, and he will be a junior next year.

That's his friend Elliot Lyden in the middle. Mikey and Elliot met in kindergarten and played t-ball and baseball for years together. Elliot’s dad was also the kids' baseball coach.  Like Mikey, Elliot is a daredevil. He made his own zip line in his backyard.  Perhaps that's why working on a three-story plank doesn't intimidate him. He attends the University of Wisconsin (Stout), and will also be a junior next year.

Chris McLean (on the right), is the third member of this awesome trio.  Mikey  met him in middle school,  and Chris was a fixture after school at the Quarve house for years. We happily welcomed him to our family table many evenings. I joked my grocery bill tripled when high school hit and these two developed typical teenage appetites. Chris and Mikey played lacrosse in high school together. Chris also is fearless, and he loves snowboarding and skateboarding. He attends Mankato State, and like the other two, he will be a junior this fall.

I love having these boys back and can’t wait to see what their future holds!

Julie Quarve