Mean cleaning out gutters on homeWith all the rain we've had here in the Twin Cities metro area and western Wisconsin, gutters on homes in our area have been getting a workout. And it won't be long before the trees start shedding leaves, putting an even bigger burden on those very necessary water handlers.  Gutters that function well and allow water to flow freely off the roof and away from the home are crucial to so many things, from the health of your roof to the foundation around your home. That's why we highly recommend getting your gutters in order before winter hits. A clogged gutter system can be a major contributor to the development of ice dams in cold, snowy Minnesota winters. And ice dams can rip those gutters right off, damaging fascia boards and soffits. And what's worse, the ice that forms can cause water to seep under your roofing material and right into your home. That could mean structural damage as well as mold, crumbling ceilings and drywall. A good place to start is to walk around the outside of your house and take a close look at the water flow during the next rain. Water should be moving off the roof, into the gutters, and out away from the house through the downspouts.  Problems to look for:
  • Water pouring over the edges of the gutters (this is a good indicator there is a clog)
  • Water flowing down behind the gutters (this is an indication the gutters are coming loose from the roof edge and need repair)
  • Water coming out from the bottom of the gutters (an indicator of cracks or holes in the gutters, meaning it's time to replace at least those sections)
  • Water pooling up at the downspout area instead of moving away from the house (meaning your downspouts either need some extensions or diverters; water that creates puddles near your home's foundation can damage it as well as your nearby landscaping)
If there are signs the gutters are clogged, you should clean them out now, because we've still got quite a bit of rainy weather ahead. If the water is flowing freely, you can wait for gutter clean-out until the leaves are done falling off the trees. That's definitely a task that should be done before winter. One thing you might want consider if your gutters get clogged easily is to have a leaf barrier installed.

As a Minnesota licensed exterior home improvement contractor, we offer gutter installation and repair as well as leaf barrier installation.  Our seamless gutter system includes the Superspout, a downspout opening that's larger and stronger than most on the market. You get a more efficient rain-handling system without having to resort to bulky commercial systems.

If you're concerned your gutters aren't up to handling another Minnesota winter (or you're tired of repeatedly cleaning out leaves and debris from your gutters), give us a call today for a free in-home consultation.

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