As people spend more time in their homes due to the pandemic, they're getting a chance to really take a look at their homes, inside and out.  From the calls we've been getting, it looks like those remodeling dreams are making it on to 'to-do' lists.  Some projects are smaller, such as just replacing the front door, while others are major, like a new roof or siding replacement.   Perhaps it's those sky-high heating bills from last winter driving some of this. But at any rate, if you're thinking about new siding, you may have questions as to whether this is a good time to invest in new siding for your home here in the Twin Cities. Our answer?  ANY time is good time to invest in new, energy-efficient siding for a home.  Especially if that siding is durable (holds up to our climate) and maintenance-free. 

When people ask about siding replacement as an investment, we figure they've done some homework.  There are home improvement projects that are more like necessary maintenance (such as a new paint job), while others actually add to the value of a home.  Depending on the type of siding you choose, you can expect a return on investment of almost 76% with new siding, according to Remodeling Magazine's "Cost vs Value Report" of 2019.

Why You Should Replace Your Siding This Summer

Other factors to consider when you're evaluating the potential of new siding:
  • Real estate professionals generally recommend exterior remodeling over interior remodeling, as those projects usually deliver more in terms of ROI.
  • On most homes, the siding makes up the greatest surface area of the exterior, so it just makes sense to ensure your home is well protected.  For most people, their home is the biggest investment they will ever make, and remodeling you do to protect that investment is in itself a good investment.  (Note:  Depending on the configuration of the home, for some houses the roof has a greater surface area, but that's for another article.)
  • Replacing your siding now means your home will be in better shape for next winter.  Winters here in Minnesota can be hard on home siding, so choosing a product that can withstand the severe cold, high winds, and things like hail is crucial.
  • A siding replacement project is a great time to evaluate the underlying structure and make any repairs. Your current siding may conceal damage or deterioration you weren't aware of.  Moisture can get in between gaps in siding, so you could have wood rot, mold, or worse.
  • New siding can increase the energy efficiency of your home, making it more comfortable for the rest of the summer as well as all the months to come. Additional insulation can also be added as part of the siding replacement project.  When you're warm and cozy in your home in the dead of winter without having to crank the heat way up, you'll be glad you opted for a siding replacement.
  • The very best siding we can recommend for Minnesota homes is our seamless steel siding.  We extrude it on site to the exact dimensions of your home.  And because it's seamless, there are no gaps for air to leak in (or out) or for water to get in and cause damage.  Plus your home will look gorgeous for decades, without the need for a new paint job.  The finish on our siding is baked on, and it's guaranteed against fading or chalking for years to come. (We also install other siding materials if you'd prefer something else.)
  If you're ready to invest in new siding, please contact us for a no-obligation quote. We can either do it virtually or at your home, using recommended COVID-19 practices.  We are a licensed Minnesota home exterior remodeling company serving the greater Twin Cities area, and siding installation is just one of our many services.