Perhaps you're in need of having your roof replaced, but you're dreading the mess that you KNOW is going to come along with it.  Yes, we've all seen projects like this: tarps on the grass, debris in piles, ladders everywhere.  You cringe wondering how your shrubs and your lawn are going to survive. But you also know you can't put this new roof off much longer or your house is going to suffer.  We have a better alternative:  our roof replacement process includes specialized equipment to contain the mess.  As a licensed Minnesota roofing company specializing in metal roofing, we aim to make the process of replacing a roof as neat and painless as possible.  Our aim is to treat our customers and their properties with the utmost respect.



In order to do that, we use the 'New Roof No Mess®' process that includes the Equipter buggy (shown above).  This specialized equipment allows us to not only transport the roofing materials up to where they need to be but it also gives us the means to collect the debris, contain it, and dispose of it.  It's easier for our installers because they don't have to climb up and down ladders with heavy loads of materials. That also makes it faster, which means your new roof can get installed more quickly than with a traditional method.

The Equipter buggy - placed at the roof edge - also allows us to remove the old roofing if needed and contain it to dispose of later.  The traditional roof replacement method is shown at left in the photo above - the tear-off mess is tossed off the roof to tarps on the ground below. But you can see how that can lead to damage to landscaping as well as a mess everywhere.  With the Equipter buggy, it all goes into the container right at the edge of your roof - nothing falls on your lawn or plants below.  And because we're doing this without ladders, that's safer for our crew as well.

And when we're all finished with your new roof, just to be sure we haven't missed even the smallest scrap, we carefully go through your yard with magnetic sweepers to retrieve any metal scraps or fasteners that might have missed going into the Equipter bucket.  But we can tell you that's a rare occurrence.  There's a reason this method is advertised as "New Roof No Mess." And we're proud to offer it to our Twin Cities area customers.

If you'd like to find out more about how our unique process can make your roof replacement much less stressful as well as far less disruptive to your life, please give us a call.  We install metal roofing (as well as asphalt shingle roofing) in the greater Twin Cities area as well as outlying communities in Minnesota and western Wisconsin.