After this last hail storm, there are plenty of people knocking on doors trying to get some repair work out if it. Before you begin conversations, make sure you protect yourself first. Before you let anyone up on your roof, make sure they are a real company, with REAL LIABILITY INSURANCE! The roof is still slippery after a storm like that, and if they fall off, you will be liable! Make sure they have a liability insurance policy, and see that they are on the list of those protected. Failing to do so could cost you plenty.

Make sure anyone who comes to you is a local company with at least 5 years in business. Storm chasers will sometimes rent office space for a while depending on how big the storm was, and stay only as long as the work holds out. While they may have a legitimate license, make sure it is local; and that the name corresponds to the individual at your door. It is too easy for contractors to hand around their MN license in order to cash in on a freak storms like this one. Times are hard, and people will do some strange things when they are desperate for work. Remote companies often have fine print in their contract that states you may only enter into legal action at their home office if at all, which could be Hawaii, or too far away to really do anything about it, so be careful before you sign up with someone you don’t know.

Most importantly, don’t sign anything until you have read it thoroughly. Far too many people have signed inspection forms only to find out it was really a contract. Once signed, you do have at least 24 hours to cancel it, but chances are it will not be a pleasant experience.

Avoid all this by using our professional team of licensed, insured Minneapolis roofing professionals that live in your neighborhood. Quarve Contracting has what you need, when you need it, and we are here to stay. Give us a call to set up your free inspection today. 763-785-1472