The recent storms in the Twin Cities metro area and northern suburbs produced tornadoes, high winds, heavy rain, and reports of hailstones up to golf-ball size.  Hail always has the potential of producing damage to roofs and other parts of a building’s exterior—even pea-sized hail can cause granule loss to asphalt roofing.  But larger hail can also:
  • Produce cracks not only in the roofing material but in the underlayment and roof structure itself
  • Damage the underlying membrane and insulation
  • Cause damage to metal roof accessories such as chimney flashing, vent stack pipes, and ridge vents
  • Crack skylights
  • Dislodge single shingles, ridge caps, or entire sections of roofing materials
  • Dent and/or chip siding, gutters, soffit, and  fascia
Even a very small crack can indicate hidden damage.  Only an experienced roof damage professional can tell you for sure.  The experienced Minnesota storm damage repair experts at Quarve Contracting have been assessing and repairing hail-damaged roofs and siding in the St. Paul/Minneapolis area for over 27 years.   And they know how important timely repairs are in this storm-prone Minnesota spring season.  Undetected and unrepaired damage from this last storm can be severely compounded when the next storm hits. 

Don’t take a chance with your home.  If you live in one of the St. Paul/Minneapolis communities or surrounding suburbs affected by these recent hailstorms, don’t put off a post-storm inspection.  Minor repairs made soon can prevent further damage.  Contact the experienced professionals at Quarve today for a free estimate.   They are fully insured and licensed.  Their roofing crews have been highly trained and certified.  And Quarve routinely works with insurance adjusters to make sure claims are handled quickly and fairly.  Their commitment to exceptional customer service means they’ll work hard to make sure you’ll be on their long list of satisfied customers.