Since flat roofs are as they say- flat, they will not drain water away like a traditional sloped roof will. For this reason, they need a special contractor who will understand the kinds of things that can go wrong after he has left. In reality, flat roofs do have a slight slope to them, but if not installed by someone with a lot of flat roof repair experience they will still allow water to pool, and that will lead to eventual leaks inside the building.

Flat roofs will last a little longer than a traditional style of roof, as long as they are maintained well, and given a certain amount of care. In particular, the BUR style of roofing (built up with tar and gravel) can last as long as 30 years or more. There are even some still around from the early 1900’s.

Care and maintenance includes basically routine inspections. At least once a year, twice a year would be better and certainly after any severe weather. Particular attention should be paid to see if there were any heavy objects that fell on it, and if any penetrations occurred. Flashing around the tops of chimneys and vents should also be looked at closely, to see if there are any small gaps or openings allowing water to seep in.

If a flat roof is made of metal, there will be seams laid out in it, and these should also be inspected closely to see if any of them have split or worked their way open. Simple repairs like these will make these issues seem as though there were no issues at all, and will help keep the life of your roof intact much longer than if you close your eyes to them.

The key is to use a company that has experience in Minneapolis St Paul flat roof repairs. Quarve Contracting in Minneapolis has this experience, and a whole lot more. Give us a call to learn more about how to care for your flat roof repairs, or any style of roofing. We will take care if it all. 763-785-1472