With Minnesota's often-harsh climate conditions and widely-fluctuating temperatures, it can be a challenge for Twin Cities area homeowners to keep their home exteriors in tip-top condition.   One of the best protections your home can  have is steel roofing.  It's durable as well as weather- and fire-resistant, and it outperforms other roofing materials in terms of keeping moisture and insects out of your underlying structure.   But if the term "steel roofing" makes you think of pole buildings, you'll be pleasantly surprised.  It's not the noisy, channeled tin you might connect with an old barn roof.  In fact, you'll be amazed at the beautiful choices available from today's premier metal roofing companies. 

If you're still not convinced, we'd like to dispel some misconceptions about steel roofing.

  • It's noisy.  If your metal roof is installed with the proper insulating underlayment materials, it will be just as quiet inside your home as if you had asphalt shingles. 
  • It's heavy Surprisingly, metal roofing is actually lighter than asphalt.  What this means is that metal roofing can usually be installed over your existing roof.  This translates into a lower overall cost because there is no expense for tear-off of your old roofing. 
  • It's expensive.  We won't dance around this one.  Metal roofing is more expensive up front as far as material cost, but it is generally easier to install and so the labor cost is lower.  And over time it is a cost-saving choice because metal roofing does a better job at keeping the heat out of your home in the summer and inside it in the winter.  This means lower heating and cooling bills for you.  You might spend a little more on roofing materials but in the long run you'll more than recover it in energy savings.  And since metal roofing is exceptionally durable, it's probably the last roof you'll ever need.  Also, due to superior weather and fire resistance, a discount may be available from your homeowner's insurance company. 
  • A metal roof doesn't look like a "normal" house roof.  While the channeled look most people associate with metal roofing is available, there are many more options which resemble other traditional roofing materials.  You can also choose from shake, slate, and tile configurations in a variety of colors. 
Let the experienced, licensed roofing pros at Quarve Contracting, Inc. show you how your roof can stand up to all that Mother Nature can throw at it, and still look beautiful.  Protect and preserve the investment you've made in your home with a steel roof from one of the leading metro area roofing contractors.  Call us for a free estimate today.