Homeowners in the Minnesota community of Mound were hit by a severe storm on May 21st this year, producing hailstones up to 1" according to reports.  All hailstorms have the potential of producing damage to roofs and siding as well as other areas, but hail this large is especially damaging.  If you own property in the Mound area, it's a good idea to have your home inspected by a Twin Cities storm damage expert like Quarve Contracting.  For over 27 years they have helped Twin Cities property owners recover from severe storms, and they are experienced not only in assessing damage but also in dealing with insurance companies. 

Hailstorms produce erratic damage; some roofs may have severe damage while others are untouched.  And depending on whether your roof was hit by directly falling hail or having it windblown in a diagonal direction, the same size hail can produce widely varying effects.  Wind direction and roof pitch are also factors. For instance, flatter profiled roofs tend to suffer more damage than those more steeply pitched.   Don't make the mistake of assuming your home was affected in the same manner as those of your neighbors.  The house next door may have severe damage, while yours has none at all.  On the other hand, yours may be the only one in your area that needs a total roof replacement.  Only a trained professional who visually inspects your roof can tell for sure.

And don't overlook the possibility that the hailstorm also chipped and dented your siding, as well as producing damage to your soffit, fascia, and gutters.  The best time to assess storm damage and make the necessary repairs is right after the storm.  Especially with roofing, when damage is not repaired quickly, further deterioration of the underlying structure can occur, producing even greater damage.  Roof damage--when ignored--can result in later interior damage to your home because of an undetected roof leak.

Don't let May's severe weather bring you brown ceiling stains this fall.  Call the licensed roofing and MN storm damage repair pros at Quarve Contracting, Inc. today.  We'll inspect your roof and the exterior of your home to determine how this latest Minnesota storm Estimates are free.