In light of the most recent hail storm, it just goes to show you that anything can happen, and frequently does. If you believe you have hail damage to your home, simply call your insurance company or create an online claim form. They will typically get back in touch with you about a time and place to take a look at what has happened. It is best to have your Quarve Contracting company representative there at the same time so that work can be clearly agreed upon, and work can start right away. Just give us a call to set up this time, or inform us of the best time to come out. This will help prevent the inevitable phone tag that takes place after large storms like this one passes through.

With all 3 people together, you, your insurance agent, your roofing contractor, you will be able to address your damage quickly, and clearly so you will understand all that will be taking place to repair it. Once you approve, the fun part begins.

At Quarve Contracting we invoice your insurance company directly, with a copy to you, so that you won’t have to be concerned about procedure. They typically send a deposit amount directly to us that will signal the start of repairs. If your insurance company requires that they take a look at repairs once a certain amount of work has been completed, we will be sure to inform them of that, so you won’t have to keep a close watch on us, making sure we are in compliance. We have lots of experience with insurance companies, and know how to give them what they need.

If your insurance company is one that requires your mortgage holder to sign the checks as well, DON’T SIGN IT YOURSELF- this won’t work, and will only delay the process. They will want to speak with you about the work being done, and ensure that it is being completed to everyone’s satisfaction.

By taking the check to your mortgage holder, or sending it via a courier service, this will keep the job moving, something we all want to happen in case another storm comes in.

Apart from that, we will be able to take care of your repairs according to your manufactures directions, and make your home as good as new again. With over 27 years of experience, Quarve Contracting is able to take care of all your home repair needs quickly, and efficiently, just give us a call to set up a time for your free roofing estimate.  763-785-1472