Was your home's roof compromised by the storms that passed through the Minneapolis north metro area the weekend of May 21s and May 22nd?  According to news reports, tornados damaged at least 200 homes.  Was your home one of those?   If you're not sure, it's important to have your roof inspected by an experienced, certified roofing repair expert.   Don't just rely on your own observations or even the report of your insurance adjuster.  It's important to get the opinion of a Minneapolis roofing professional like Quarve Contracting, one of the Twin Cities area leading roofing contractors for over 27 years. 

Dozens of roofs were torn off and houses were damaged in North Minneapolis and the surrounding suburbs as two separate storm systems literally blew through on Saturday and Sunday.  The damage toll was added to from falling trees, high winds, and heavy rains.  Even if your roof is intact, it may have sustained damage which might not be immediately visible.  If you live in the area affected by these recent storms, it's important to have your home inspected before the damage makes itself known by leaky roofs and water spots on your ceilings.  Timely repairs are critical to avoid further damage and deterioration.

If your home has been damaged by the storm, the storm damage pros at Quarve Contracting, Inc. can help you work with your insurance company to insure that you get all the repairs you're entitled to.  Your insurance adjuster has been trained to evaluate storm damage, but you should keep in mind that the adjuster is an employee of your insurance company, so your best interest may not be what's uppermost in his or her mind.  And you don't have to take the adjuster's estimate as the final word.  You are entitled to retain a public adjuster who will work for you on a percentage basis.  Whichever you choose, the roofing repair pros at Quarve are experienced in dealing with insurance adjusters.  We'll help you all through the claims resolution process to make sure that your roof is repaired properly, to your satisfaction, and in a timely manner.   Contact Quarve today for a free consultation.

And by the way, if your siding was damaged, Quarve Contractors can help with that, too.