Severe thunderstorms and tornadoes recently hit the Forest Lake area, causing property damage from high winds.  Local TV news reports confirmed touchdowns in that area by two separate tornadoes on Sunday, May 22nd.   So far damage reports are limited to trees only, but further investigation may reveal property damage as well.  High winds and rain which accompany storm systems such as this may have effects that aren't immediately visible.  If you live in the Forest Lake area, your home may have been affected.  From a casual inspection, your roof may appear intact, but a professional inspection may reveal loose shingles.  Sections of your siding may have come loose as well.  Only a trained professional can tell you for sure whether your home has sustained storm damage.  

Integrity of your home's structure--especially the roof--is highly dependent on the condition of your roofing and your siding.  Loose or missing shingles can allow water to penetrate through, or may also provide a point of entry for insects and rodents such as squirrels.  Heating and cooling costs can also increase if your siding or roofing is loose.   Don't let May's stormy weather produce wet ceilings this fall.  If you live in an area hit hard by one of Minnesota's severe storms--and especially if you hear reports of damage in your area--it's a good idea to have a professional evaluation of the state of your home's exterior.

If you're a homeowner who believes you have sustained damage from these storms, a call to your insurance adjuster should be followed up by a request for a consultation from a trained storm hail damage professional like Quarve Contracting, Inc.  For over 27 years the licensed, experienced professionals at Quarve have been helping Washington County and other St. Paul/Minneapolis metro area property owners recover from severe storms.  The estimates are always free, and the peace of mind is priceless.