Minneapolis/St. Paul homeowners who have recreational property in the Twin Cities metro area have twice the worries whenever severe weather hits.  And since it's not always available to run out and make a quick check on your cabin following a storm, it might be days before you're aware of storm damage.  And by that time water intrusion or rodents might make the damage even worse.  But if your favorite relaxation spot is covered by a steel roof, you can rest a little easier when the hail, heavy winds, and pounding rain hit, because no roofing stands up better to the elements than metal. 

You worked long and hard to be able to afford that cabin in the woods, and you'd like to be able to protect that investment, especially when you're absent.  And your first line of defense against the weather is your roof.  You may have chosen your wooded spot for the shade and the seclusion, but those same trees that provide a great spot to hide away can also be a major threat to your roof in a storm accompanied by high winds.  Falling trees can severely damage roofs, and that damage can then be made worse by the rain coming in through the hole the falling tree punctured.

But if you'd like to keep both your shade trees and your intact roof, the Minneapolis roofing installation pros at Quarve Contracting have a great solution for you.  With steel and metal roofing there are no shingles or shakes to blow loose, no roofing granules to be damaged by hail.   Some of the other benefits of steel and other metal roofing include:
  • Superior resistance to hail damage
  • Performs better than other roofing choices in high winds
  • Fire resistant
  • Impact resistant
If you're concerned that the roof on your metro area recreational home isn't giving you adequate storm protection, contact Quarve today for a free estimate.  And by the way, steel roofs are great for your home, too - for the same reasons!